‘Fringe’ Returns Tonight As A 13-Episode Feature Film

Are you ready for some mind-bending fun? Fringe is kicking off it’s fifth and final season and the show has decided to mark its abbreviated 13-episode season as a feature film of sorts. Making its final start of the season in 2036, Fringe will focus nearly 16 years after the Observers invaded Earth.

Fans who are familiar with the Sci-Fi drama centered show will remember last year’s finale ended with Peter (Joshua Jackson) and Olivia’s (Anna Torv) daughter found her family so she could release them from amber in hopes to save the world from destruction. Enter in this season’s arc! The team is back to rid the world of Observers, and if they aren’t successfully they will perish. Yup, that’s right, in this final season of Fringe the stakes are extremely high.

TV Guide caught up with J.H. Wyman to find out what fans can expect for the upcoming season of Fringe. Of what fans have to look forward to Wyman said:

“The structure of this season is going to be very straightforward in that I didn’t want to pull any tricks or introduce any new universes or anything crazy. I just really wanted to focus on the emotions of what the characters are going through, and stay very focused on our core relationships because I think we spent the last four years gearing up for this season, and I just was always very concerned that the characters would get their emotional due.

I looked at it like it’s a 13-episode feature film where in Fringe’s past, you deal with one episode that’s about Olivia feeling one way and then the next episode she’s feeling a completely different way and it’s a little bit more sporadic. I think that’s the nature of episodic television. But with this shortened season it allows us to really have a continuity of emotional states so you can feel like you’re watching a saga, and that’s what I felt that the show deserved. That’s the direction that I went in, so week to week it’s a continuance of the emotions that you’ve seen the week before.”

With such a doom and gloom premise, it looks like the always eccentric Walter Bishop played by the brilliant John Noble will be providing a little comedic relief as always, while taking down the Observes in his drug-addled mind.

Are you excited for the new season of Fringe?

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