Kate Middleton: Greek Princess Setting To Take Style Title From The Duchess

Move over Duchess Kate. There is a new young royal who is set to take the most fashionable royal title, and she’s not shy about making her love of fashion front and center. The 20-year-old Princess, Maria-Olympia of Greece, has come on the royal scene in all of her haute couture glory, yet remains humble and gives acknowledgment of the fact that she looks to Kate Middleton in admiration for her fashion sense.

The daughter of Marie-Chantal Miller and the Crown Prince Paylos of Greece, spoke recently with Vanity Fair about her opinion about Duchess Kate regarding people’s love for her and her sense of style, also noting what sets her apart from Kate.

“I admire Kate’s sense of style, but I’m younger and much more experimental in my choices. I love what comes out of street style from Paris to Milan to NYC.”

Maria-Olympia is also known for not only her love of finer things but for her vast knowledge in regards to style and fashion design. The Princess is even a design student in New York City. Therefore, although both Kate and Maria are very “style conscious” as the publication points out, their interests and how they spend their free time is quite different. While Duchess Kate is a little bit older and settled with a household of little ones to care for, Maria-Olympia is living it up in her 20s in the big city, where she can usually be found sitting front row at shows for Dior, Valentino, and Giambattista Valli.

Olympia is also a frequent user of Instagram where she showcases her fashion aesthetic and can often be seen donning outfits featuring designs by Balmain and vintage Louis Vuitton. The Princess offers a bit of fashion inspiration for those who may find themselves getting a little lazy and uninterested in keeping style up to par.

“I always like to dress as if I would bump into someone special.”

Michael Kors has recognized the true and sensational style sense of the Grecian goddess and has made her a part of the digital campaign for the brand entitled The Walk. The campaign was shot in SoHo, Maria’s new home-base. The Princess shared her love of the neighborhood within the shot.

“SoHo is my favorite spot in New York so shooting there was so fun. We shot around my neighborhood, filming me in places I love like my favorite bakery with me interacting, walking around. I love the styled look of all of M.K’.s shoots. It’s how I like to dress, even if I’m out with a pair of jeans, I’ll style it with great accessories.”

The stunner also has notable designers as family members in addition to royalty. Maria’s cousin is the granddaughter to Diane von Furstenberg. It’s no wonder the 20-year-old has been drawn to the world of fashion design with that name in her family. DVF is a fashion house that has kept women fashionable for decades, and it’s likely that the Princess will continue the tradition for her famous relative. Perhaps Diane even encourages the Princess with her style and appeal which has made her such a strong newcomer to the fashion scene. To be compared to Kate Middleton is certainly an honor seeing as the Duchess is known for her Kate Effect, which encourages millions to emulate her fashion selections. Even more impressive is that the young Princess knows that she brings something different to the table and stands out as unique in her fashion and personality.

While Middleton selects more traditional attire to suit the tastes of the British Royal Family, Maria-Olympia fits right in as a Grecian in New York who aims to set trends and push fashion boundaries.

[Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for Michael Kors]

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