Luis D. Ortiz Opens Up About His Upcoming Book: ‘There Are So Many Stories’

Luis D. Ortiz has been hustling over the past couple of years to become a real-estate agent that can compete with the best. While his portfolio may not be as big as some of the seasoned real-estate agents on Million Dollar Listing: New York, he definitely didn’t hold back. He hustled, put his career before anything else and even had a panic attack due to stress. While Luis has enjoyed the spotlight from Million Dollar Listing: New York, Ortiz revealed during the season finale this summer that he would be leaving the show behind. Fans were devastated, but he wanted to find his own happiness.

According to a new Facebook post, Luis D. Ortiz is now revealing that he’s still working hard on finding his happiness and after leaving New York real-estate, he has been working on his first book. Luis was working on his book while he was filming the show, but it sounds like the book may have gotten a brand new angle.

“There are many stories that have been told multiple times. What’s fascinating to me is the fact that the same story continues to stay alive because it’s always told through a different experience, understanding and perspective of it. I have my own. This is how part of my intro goes (and don’t read like a book, it’s just me),” Luis D. Ortiz revealed before sharing his introduction on Facebook.

“If you have been following my journey, you already know that I have been trying to write a book for a very long time. What I want to share with you is something so amazing and beautiful that I know for a fact will stimulate your head and change the way you see your life! What I discovered gave me a new mindset and a uniquely different perspective on life; and since that discovery and its impact on my life, I have always believed that everybody on the face of this planet has the ability to be the happiest and most successful person that they can be — they just don’t know it yet, and that is what I want to change with my book!” reads the introduction that Luis has written for his book.

For a while, many thought that Ortiz could be writing a book about real-estate. Fredrik Eklund, his co-star on Million Dollar Listing: New York, has already written a book called The Sell, where he talks about his experiences in real estate and his techniques for selling. So it would make sense that Luis D. Ortiz would follow suit and write a book about his experiences. But now that he has decided to leave real estate behind, it sounds like the book will be more about self-discovery.

According to PEOPLE, Luis D. Ortiz revealed this summer that he decided to leave the show and the industry behind because he wanted to be happy. For him, he hadn’t become fun for him anymore, despite being on the show. Fredrik and Ryan Serhant enjoy selling real estate because they like the thrill of making the sell and they get to see some awesome apartments. But the passion was just not the same for Luis.

Over the summer, Ortiz traveled to Greece for Ryan’s wedding, and he stuck around Europe for a couple of weeks. He told fans that he had no idea when he would return. He ended up flying back home, but he didn’t rush into real estate. Instead, he went home, repacked his bags and had several extra trips planned.

What do you think of Luis D. Ortiz’s book introduction? Are you planning on getting a copy once it is released?

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