Browns’ Scott Fujita Meets With Roger Goodell About Saints’ Bounty Program

Cleveland Browns’ linebacker Scott Fujita met with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell today to discuss his involvement in the New Orleans’ Saints Bounty Program.

Details about what occurred at the meeting aren’t available yet but Fujita was expected to deny any involvement with the scandal.

Pro Football Talk reports that Fujita previously stated that there was no pay-for-injury system with the New Orleans Saints. Fujita was expected to reiterate that point at his meeting today with Goodell.

ESPN reports that the former Saints player was the last member of the team accused of participating in the scandal to meet with Goodell. Fujita was scheduled to talk with Goodell via a video conference last week but the meeting was called off because Goodell wanted to meet face to face.

Fujita was suspended for three games earlier this year due to his involvement with the scandal. That suspension was later lifted by an appeals panel. According to, Goodell will decide next week if the Browns’ linebacker and his former teammates Jonathan Vilma, Will Smith and Anthony Hargrove will face additional punishments.

If Goodell does reimpose the suspensions the players will have another chance to appeal.

Do you think Scott Fujita and the rest of the New Orleans Saints players should be punished for participating in a bounty program? Do you believe the Browns’ linebacker when he says that no such program existed?

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