Update: UK Teacher Who Ran Away With 15-yr-old Student Arrested

Megan Stammers, 15, disappeared after a security camera captured her arm in arm with her 30-year-old math teacher, Jeremy Forrest, last Thursday. The pair were seen on a ferry, leaving Dover, England and headed toward Calais, a French port across the channel. Despite desperate please from both Stammers and Forrest’s family and friends, the pair had not been seen nor heard from, until they were discovered today in France, according to the Sussex Police.

The police statement from the Sussex Police reads:

“Missing Megan Stammers and Jeremy Forrest have been located safe and well in France. They were found today (Friday 28 September) at 12.15pm UK time. Mr Forrest has been arrested on suspicion of child abduction and Megan has been taken into protection. The information which led to them being located came as a direct result of media coverage in France. At this stage we are not confirming the specific location where they were found. Their families have been informed and arrangements will now be made for Megan and Jeremy’s safe return.”

NBC News reports that family and friends of the pair thank both the police and social media for locating the pair, who met at the Bishop Bell C of E School, where Megan studied and Jeremy was a math teacher. Jeremy Forrest’s father sat beside his tearful wife as he appealed to the pair to make contact with someone. ITV News records Jim Stammer’s words:

“There are a lot of people back home who are desperate to hear from you. All I’m asking is for one of you to make a call or send an email to let us know that you are both safe,” he said. “We are all … we are all here for you both. We just need to hear from you.”

Megan’s father, Martin, said he was “thrilled, delighted, overjoyed,” reports NBC News. “The most amazing this at the moment,” he said, “is the joy … that she’s safe and sound and well … you cannot describe the relief.”
Megan’s sister Brooke Stammers tweeted her joy at Megan’s return:

“Absolutely on top of the world of the world right now, to know our Megan is safe and sound! Love you so much my beautiful sister xxxxxx,” she said in one.

“All our hope and faith came through so strong and our positivity stuck out!” she added.

The 30-year-old math teacher, who has been married to wife Emily for over a year, reportedly posting on a social networking site: “How do we, and how should we, define what is right or wrong, acceptable or unacceptable?”

For starters, Jeremy, you probably shouldn’t be married when to begin a romantic relationship with someone else. And that somebody should probably be over the age of 15. Just saying.

Jeremy Forrest is being held in custody by French police on suspicion of child abduction until his hearing on Tuesday. Megan has been taken into protective custody.

Grab a tissue and watch Jim Forrest’s plea for his son to make contact here.

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