Tyga Travels, Blows His Money Amid Ongoing Financial Problems

Tyga is faced with more trouble. The rapper can’t catch a break when it comes to his ongoing financial problems. The “Stimulated” rapper’s Ferrari was just repossessed as he was spotted out car shopping again with his girlfriend, Kylie Jenner.

It looks like the rapper is not making any wise financial decisions. While he shopped for a new Bentley with his 19-year-old girlfriend, his Ferrari got repossessed on the spot, TMZ reports. Tyga, 26, and Jenner, 19, were spotted once again inside the showroom of a Bentley dealership in Calabasas, California, as a repo man arrived with a spare key to Tyga’s vehicle and drove off with it. The rapper reportedly missed some late payments on his leased vehicle.

A friend drove the couple back home, one of the sources told TMZ. A couple of back payments on a leased vehicle isn’t Tyga’s only problem. A former landlord may take him to court for over $180,000 worth of back rent and damages to an abandoned business space. In addition, Tyga reportedly owes $200,000 dollars to Jason Arasheben, an owner of the Jason of Beverly Hills jewelry line, for some merchandise he purchased back in 2013.

Earlier this month, Tyga settled a $480,000 lawsuit with a former landlord over back rent, reports Page Six. He paid off the money he owed on August 11 thanks in part to his faithful girlfriend, Kylie Jenner, claims Hollywood Life. She was in danger of losing the $220,000 Mercedes Maybach that he purchased for her on her 19th birthday. On top of that, Tyga reportedly still owes $18,000 to F&S Investment Properties for the damage he caused to a rental space, as he reportedly left the place in shambles, according to TMZ.

Instead of paying off his debt, Tyga keeps on spending his money by taking off on lavish trips and buying more cars. On Saturday, August 27, Jenner and her boyfriend were spotted on a last-minute trip to Las Vegas with his son, King Cairo. The starlet took to Instagram to share a photo of her sitting on Tyga’s lap on a private jet to his Las Vegas club appearance.

Jenner then took to Instagram to share a photo of her Gucci weekend bag and two designer handbags.

“Last minute adventures,” she captioned the photo with her 72.9 million Instagram followers, reports Us Weekly.

Later that day, Tyga and Jenner documented their adventure on their respective Snapchat accounts. Tyga shared photos and videos of his 3-year-old son, while Jenner shared several videos of her snuggling up to her boyfriend and kissing him on the cheek before he took the stage to perform some of his hit songs.

Since then, Tyga was seen vacationing with Jenner in Turks and Caicos for her 19th birthday. The couple has been showing off their expensive lifestyle ever since they got back together earlier this summer. Jenner took to Snapchat to share a shot of his blinged-out tattooed hand on her thigh, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Then, the two were seen test-driving a Bentley, reports TMZ. As Jenner drove, he gave some advice. Jenner even took to Snapchat to share a video of her boyfriend walking around the dealership. She also shared a video of all of the extravagant sports cars on display.

That happened around the same time that Tyga’s Lamborghini and $450,000 from his bank account were taken away, reports TMZ. According to recent court documents, the rapper owes Choice Motor Credit $357,350.77 for back payments on his 2013 Lambo Aventador. As a result, they want both the money and the car.

Tyga reportedly has a net worth of $2 million, which is on the decline, according to an estimate by Celebrity Net Worth. Back in 2015, his net worth was between $5 million and $8 million, but most of it has been spent on luxury homes, vehicles, and fine jewelry, reports E! Online. It’s not clear how much money Tyga makes for his club appearances, but hopefully, he will use that money to pay back his debt.

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