Beware The Bananas: The World’s Most Popular Fruit Could Disguise A Deadly Surprise

Bananas! Who doesn’t love the world’s most popular fruit? Grown in 150 countries and with over 1,000 varieties, the humble yet exotic banana has been a firm favorite for many a moon. You can eat them for energy, feast on them for fun, and then use the inside of their skin to polish your shoes to a high shine.

What’s not to like?

Well, a lethal surprise in the shape of the world’s deadliest spider, for one — something which an unsuspecting British mom knows all about.

The unlucky mom eagerly opened up her bunch of bananas from Lidl, only to find the extremely lethal Brazilian wandering spider lurking inside alongside a whole nest of its foul brood.

The wicked web-spinner in question is a particularly toxic insect whose venom can kill within two hours.

Yahoo! reports that the unidentified woman was so terrified to find an eight-legged monster inside her bag of fruit she is now having her entire house fumigated in case any of the poisonous insects escaped their fruity nest.

Upon discovering the spider’s lair, the woman was so terrified that there might be more of the wandering critters lying in wait in the corners of her house where the shadows and dust lie dormant, she contacted Nuneaton and Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary boss Geoff Grewcock for help.

Geoff immediately identified the banana dwelling predator as the most venomous arachnid on the planet — the Brazilian wandering spider.

Along came a spider! [Photo by Ian Waldie/Getty Images]
Geoff also believes the spider traveled an incredible 5,246 miles from Columbia to end up in a Lidl supermarket.

“I get called out a lot for spiders, especially black widows in packets of grapes, and in a lot of cases some of them are very small so I was shocked when she pulled out this one.

“She was a bit puzzled, she opened the bananas in the bag and the spider fell out onto the floor.

“It’s all scrunched up and it’s just a bit bigger than a 50p but if it was alive and opened up I think it would be double the size.”

And it’s far from the first time an innocent shopper has been bushwhacked by an everyday bunch of bananas. The Inquisitr previously reported how a family found an entire nest of the world’s deadliest spiders happily camped in a bunch of the mellow yellow fruit purchased from a budget supermarket.

“The family were about to tuck into the delicious bag of fruit when they noticed something not quite right with the bunch of bananas in question.

“Not realizing it was a nest of the world’s deadliest spiders but realizing it was definitely something devilishly diabolical, the family immediately called the police and fled their home in sheer terror.

“Wildlife experts stormed the house looking for the killer queen spider, but living up to its name, the Brazilian wandering spider was nowhere to be seen, leading to fears it was still scuttling around the supermarket waiting to pounce.

“The supermarket in Hinckley, Leics, was subsequently closed while police officers and experts in protective clothing patrolled the aisles in search of their deadly prey.”

If you’re one of the growing number of people unlucky enough to discover an unwanted guest in your bunch of bananas, then expert Geoff’s advice is to stick them in a freezer until the threat is nullified.

“If you have a dangerous spider in your house you want it out of there straight away.

“If you find anything like that put it straight in the freezer, you cannot have these things running around in your house, you cannot mess about, you’ve got to put that danger out of your house.

“It’s just bad luck really but when you are buying food really examine it, if it’s in a container have a really good look before you buy it.

“It’s very common, last year I had seven black widows in grapes, it’s scary sometimes.”

More than that, Geoff, it’s enough to make you go completely bananas.

Everyone loves a banana! [Photo by Frank Barratt/Keystone/Getty Images]
[Photo by Sandra Mu/Getty Images]

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