‘Outlander’ Season 3 Spoilers — Sam Heughan’s New Love Interest Has Finally Been Cast

One exciting casting development should help alleviate some of this year’s Droughtlander.

Starz has finally announced who will play the important role of Lord John Grey in Season 3 of Outlander. Who is playing Sam Heughan’s new love interest?

Entertainment Weekly reports that David Berry will take the reigns as Lord Grey in the upcoming season.

Berry is an Australian actor known for his work on A Place to Call Home. He also performs with internationally with Scream and Shout.

According to TV Guide, Lord Grey will be introduced in the new season of Outlander as the governor of a Scottish prison called Ardsmuir Prison. During his time at Ardsmuir, Lord Grey reconnects with Heughan’s Jamie Fraser.

The last time fans saw Lord Grey was as a young boy during the Battle of Culloden. He tried to kill Jamie before the battle and is loyal to the British.

Despite their complicated past, Lord Grey and Jamie will develop a strong friendship in Season 3.

Although the plot details for the new season are still vague, Starz released an official description for Berry’s character.

“He’s a steadfast and honorable British subject, torn between a finely-honed sense of familial duty and a strong moral compass of right and wrong. He is boyishly handsome with an upper-class rearing — the consummate gentleman. However, a scandal from his past has relegated Lord John to an undesirable position as governor of a desolate prison in Northern Scotland.”

It is certainly exciting to discover who will play Lord Grey on Outlander, though Cinema Blend reports that not all fans were happy to learn that Berry will be playing the coveted role.

In the books, Grey is portrayed as an older gentleman, thanks to the 20-year time jump from Season 2 to Season 3. He is also described as being “fine-boned” and small in stature with blonde hair.

Not only is Berry over six feet tall, but he also has dark hair and is a young man.

Of course, these changes might be welcome additions once fans see Berry in action, especially considering how much he contrasts with Heughan.

Indeed, it makes sense that Starz would pick a younger person to play Lord Grey. After all, the series jumps back and forth in time, and Heughan and Balfe are already going to be aged in the coming season.

Given how important Lord Grey is to the series as a whole, the character will likely be sticking around for longer than one season.

Meanwhile, Season 3 of Outlander is based on the third book in Diana Gabaldon’s hit franchise, titled Voyager.

While Season 2 ended with Claire traveling back to her time in 1948, the new season will follow Claire and Jamie as they live separate lives for twenty years. The couple will eventually reunite, but not until they’ve spent a considerable time in different centuries.

For Jamie, this includes a stint in Ardsmuir Prison.

According to Cinema Blend, Outlander has also started filming for the new season. No official set photos have been released, but Berry’s casting is a good indication that Heughan is busy working on his scenes.

Hopefully, more casting news for the upcoming season will be revealed in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, producers have a lot of work cut out for them. Not only did Starz renew the show for another season, but the network has already approved Season 4, which will be based on Gabaldon’s Drums of Autumn.

Starz has yet to release an official premiere date for Season 3 of Outlander, though it is expected to arrive sometime in early 2017.

Tell us! What do you think about the latest casting addition to the next season of Outlander? Let us know in the comments below.

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