Chris Brown And ‘Bailey’ Baylee Curran News: Curran Wanted In NYC For ‘Alleged’ Theft

The current Baylee Curran story of the real Baylee, sometimes referred to as “Bailey Currant,” or “Bailey Curry” is starting to emerge, and it’s not all beauty pageants and love. Baylee is claiming that “Chris Brown pulled a gun on her” after she was innocently looking at a piece of jewelry in the R&B star’s house. If you believe Baylee’s story, that’s all there was to it, and there’s no way she would have even thought about snatching the jewelry and stealing it from Chris.

But it turns out Chris Brown’s accuser Baylee has a history with bling theft, and she was already wanted for another incident where she almost got caught. TMZ broke the news that Baylee is going to have to answer to the NYPD if she ever turns up in their area again. The police want to ask Baylee some questions about a “fancy designer purse” that caught her eye at a luxury hotel in their city.

Although Baylee’s frantic 911 call from Brown’s house, and the explanations afterward, gave the impression that she was just “admiring” the jewelry that one of Chris’ crew was showing off, her past history with the $1,000 Louis Vuitton handbag casts a whole different light on the situation. In 2013, Curran was vacationing with friends at New York City’s high end hotel, The Plaza, when she got into an argument with one of the girls. According to the Daily Mail, the police report from that run-in with the law says that Baylee’s vacay pals made “allegations” that Baylee “snatched” the purse right out of her friend’s hands and “ran out of the hotel.”

Curran hasn’t been formally accused or charged with stealing the purse yet, but there’s a currant warrant “of sorts” known as an I-card. If the police find out Baylee is in the city, they can pull her into the station for questioning and charge her if the facts line up. The group of girls who were partying with Baylee stuck to their story, and since they were close friends before it all went down, the current situation doesn’t look good for Curran. After security ran after Brown’s accuser, they managed to recover the bag itself, which she “allegedly dropped,” but the contents were all gone. The missing valuables included “$200 in cash, as well as credit cards and a Michael Kors wallet.”

“Ms Curran allegedly fled with the purse and left New York but would be liable to be arrested if she returns to the city.”

Cops were called, but Baylee was nowhere to be found by the time they arrived, and the contents of the purse were gone too. The friend who was the owner of the Louis Vuitton piece was so upset by the affair that she didn’t feel safe around Curran any more. She “got a restraining order against Baylee from an L.A. judge.”

TMZ spoke to a rep for Curran about the stealing accusations, and her side of the story is way different. She claims that her friend was the one who stole the brown designer bag, and Baylee had nothing to do with it. According to the rep, she was so removed from the whole thing that she didn’t even know she’s wanted in NYC.

It looks like Baylee has some problems to deal with now that she’s in the spotlight. It’s not just the allegations of stealing that are coming out now. Curran was described as a Miss California winner in the 2016 pageant, and “proudly” posts photos of herself in sash and crown to her Instagram.

“She may be a beauty, but she’s no queen.”

It turns out that her crown didn’t stay on her head for very long. The New York Daily News reports that Chris Brown’s accuser ran into some trouble after winning and was stripped of the beauty pageant title because she “broke a moral clause.” CEO Lowona Crawford explained the situation and how difficult it’s been to get the crown back from the “pouty” failed beauty queen. She said that winners have to be good role models for the “upstanding” organization.

“She won in April but we stripped her of the title in June. She is not Miss Regional California 2016. We have asked her many times to please return the sash and crown, but she has ignored us.”

Curran’s 3 a.m. 911 call from Chris Brown’s $4 million mansion was like Pandora opening her box, and now it’s anybody’s guess what more will come out of that box. Brown is out on bail after an 11-hour standoff with police resulted in his arrest “on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon,” and Baylee herself is finding out how quickly things can fall apart as she faces possible charges in NYC.

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