Justin Bieber’s Gal Pal Sofia Richie Instagrams His New Dog As He Sings ‘Drunk’ Karaoke: Watch

Justin Bieber fans hoped that he would attend this year’s MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) despite his recent Instagram post about his hatred of such shows. But although Bieber received three nominations (and won no awards), he opted to skip the VMAs this time. That led to assumptions that Justin had chosen to spend time with his new gal pal, Sofia Richie, with whom he was seen getting frisky during their vacation in Cabo San Lucas, according to Elle.

Despite that romantic vacation, Bieber also skipped out on Sofia during the time when he might have been at the VMAs. So where was the Biebs, if he wasn’t at the awards show or with Richie?

Justin showed up in Los Angeles, California at a karaoke bar. And Bieber made it clear that he had nothing to be sorry about as he crooned the 1957 Jerry Lee Lewis hit, “Great Balls of Fire.”

In addition to delighting those who watched Justin in the bar and online, the Biebs also provided a moment of hope that he would return to Instagram after deleting his account.

Justin’s Instagram suddenly seemed magically reactivated following his disappearance from Instagram two weeks ago after his showdown with Selena Gomez. A video showing the Biebs with his new puppy, Todd, as well as a hint at a fresh start appeared, and then disappeared just as rapidly with a screen shot preserving the moment.

As for more details on that karaoke performance, Bieber opted to sip Jack Daniels throughout his night at the bar in a strip mall in Studio City, Los Angeles, according to the Huffington Post, which referred to him as drunk.

Justin headed to Residuals Tavern accompanied by a security guard who took care not to crowd the singer, shared a visitor to the bar.

“He came in to the bar around 10 p.m. with a security guard who gave him plenty of space and waited by the door,” recalled the tavern patron. “Justin knows the owner really well so [he] came in and drank for free, he was knocking back Jack Daniels neat and seemed really relaxed.”

Justin Bieber wowed patrons at a bar by singing. [Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]
Following several drinks, the Biebs appeared to be chipper and following some other karaoke performances, his moment happened, added the bar patron.

“After a few drinks he seemed to be in a really good mood and a few people were doing karaoke. The host said, ‘Justin’s going to sing for us tonight.'”

At that point, Bieber belted out his “Great Balls” rendition.

As for noticeably absent Sofia, although Bieber didn’t take the just-turned-18-year-old Richie to the bar, she showed her consolation prize on Instagram. The teen model posted a photo of her boyfriend’s new dog, Todd, on Instagram, noted Teen Vogue.

Justin continues to have his Instagram deactivated, except for what was reported to be an accidental reactivation, but Sofia is sharing the puppy love on her own account.

“Mornings with Todd,” wrote Richie, for those who hadn’t seen Bieber’s new dog before.

While the dog is adorable, interpreting the significance of Sofia posting Justin’s puppy on Instagram seems to require an advanced degree in psychology in an era when social media rules. For example, when Miley Cyrus posted a photo with Liam Hemsworth’s dog Dora, it was seen as a confirmation of her romantic relationship with him.

Justin Bieber fired back at those criticizing his new gal pal Sofia. [Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images]
But for Bieber and Richie, Instagram has become a pivotal point in their relationship. He removed himself from Instagram after his followers slammed Sofia in his comments section. But while the couple still seems to be going strong, an insider told People that it’s not likely their “love fest” is a forever romance.

“Sofia and Justin are basically on a love-fest right now, but it’s virtually impossible where he’s at in his life and career for anything to last with these girls.”

Moreover, “These girls all go crazy for him, but he’s not settling down,” says the source, who adds that the budding couple has “run in the same circle for years.”

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

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