Amanda Bynes And FDNY Firefighter Drama At Cupcake Bakeshop

Amanda Bynes may have hoped to avoid drama and the paparazzi by relocating to New York City, but an altercation with a FDNY firefighter placed the now-retired actress right back in the headlines. A visit to the Little Cupcake Bakeshop on Wednesday turned out to be anything but sweet for the aspiring fashion designer. Although the troubled Nickelodeon star was significantly camouflaged behind dark sunglasses and headphones, the alleged shenanigans still attracted the attention of patrons, E! Online notes.

When a local firefighter patronizing the bakery decided it was time to relieve himself before presumably heading back out to protect the city, he could not get inside the restroom. The man allegedly knocked on the door multiple times to alert the then unknown woman inside that others were waiting to use the facilities, he got no response.

Being a hero by trade, the firefighter’s initial response was probably one of concern for the woman, who by all accounts, had been in the restroom for quite some time. Although firefighters are known for their caring natures, it is also possible that the man just eventually grew tired of standing with his legs crossed and simply got impatient.

Regardless of the firefighter’s motivation, at some point during the Amanda Bynes hangout session, the firefighter decided it might be a good idea to kick the Little Cupcake Bakeshop restroom door in. Before taking such extreme action, the man called the police and requested permission to knock down the door, a very polite public servant.

Before a decision could be made about whether or not to destroy the cupcake shop’s restroom door, Bynes strolled out, apologizing for the inconvenience and noted she had been applying makeup. The E! Online source notes that Amanda did not exhibit any unusual behavior after the incident and just kept to herself at the bakery. Hopefully the FDNY firefighter was able to make it to a toilet before his pager went off and called him back into action.

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