Pizza Hut Introduces Kit Kat Pops In The Middle East [Video]

In addition to the Cone Crust Pizza it debuted not too long ago, Pizza Hut has now introduced Kit Kat Pops to its iron-stomached customers in the Middle East, according to Digital Journal. Why the Middle East gets to put their digestive systems to the test is beyond me, as I’m sure there are plenty of Americans who would willingly shove this sort of stuff into their gaping maws without a moment’s hesitation. Sadly, I am one of those people.

Pizza Hut’s Kit Kat Pops are created by taking the tasty candy bar and wrapping it in a sweet dough and shoving the concoction into the nearest oven. If you simply cannot stand the taste and texture of a Kit Kat bar, the company is offering the so-called Pops in a delicious cheese variety. Again, why can’t I order these things right now? Does the Middle East deliver to Central Kentucky?

The adventurous individual who runs the Hands Up, Thumbs Down blog was brave enough to try one of Pizza Hut’s peculiar Kit Kat Pops. “Who comes up with these ideas at Pizza Hut Middle East?” the blogger wrote. The reviewer’s score of the company’s aforementioned foodstuff: One out of ten. Ouch.

In order to promote its Kit Kat Pops to folks in the Middle East, Pizza Hut has unleashed an incredibly short promotional clip featuring the product in all its glory. However, given that the video is said and done before you really know what you’re looking at, it’s almost as if the company is hoping you don’t spend too much time gawking at their product before shoving it into your mouth.

Just a few days ago, The Inquisitr covered the introduction of Pizza Hut’s Cone Crust Pizza, a pie that comes with cheese-stuffed cones around its perimeter. The title pretty much says it all.

The five-second advertisement for Pizza Hut’s Kit Kat Pops has been embedded below. Would you be willing to try the company’s latest edible offering?

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