When Is ‘The Bachelor’ Season 21 Premiere? Nick Viall’s Ladies Are ‘Really Attractive’ Per ‘Reality Steve’

Just minutes after the next Bachelor was introduced on After Paradise, blogger Reality Steve tweeted that he was as “stunned as everyone” that Nick Viall will be handing out roses on the 21st season of ABC’s popular reality show.

Right up until the announcement was made on Tuesday night, Steve made it clear that Nick wasn’t getting the gig. He was confident that Luke Pell, the fourth runner-up on JoJo Fletcher’s season of the Bachelorette, would be named the Bachelor 2017.

Although his prediction was wrong, there is one thing fans can count on for the upcoming season of the Bachelor — Steve’s episode-by-episode spoilers and some dirt on the ladies who will try to win Nick Viall’s heart.

Steve already has the low-down on some of the ladies who will start taping the show in L.A. next month and some intel on where Nick and his gals will travel over the next few months.

Here’s the latest scoop on the upcoming season that will undoubtedly be filled with drama, and maybe, just maybe, Nick will find his future wife after two failed attempts on the Bachelorette and a quick fling on the current season of the Bachelor in Paradise.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Nick told After Paradise co-hosts Michelle Collins and Sean Lowe that he’s “definitely ready” to start his journey as the Bachelor and is “excited about the possibility of it working out.”

There is no doubt he’s also curious about the 25 (or more) ladies who will soon be stepping out of limos to greet him at the Bachelor Mansion when the premiere begins in late December.

Reality Steve states that he already has information about the girls who have been picked for this season. Although producer Elan Gale tweeted that they are still accepting contestant applications, it’s likely that most of the ladies have already been selected — filming starts in about two weeks.

Information about the ladies will start leaking out over the next few weeks, but Steve states that they are “really attractive” — let’s hope they’re smart, too. After all, Nick Viall doesn’t come across as a dummy and it would be good to have some contestants who can hold a conversation.

“I tweeted about having some of the girls already for the next season, and just based purely on looks, some really attractive girls we’re gonna have. Obviously I don’t release them until after they leave for filming, so it’ll be a few weeks before you see them, but hey, I’m allowed to comment on a few. I have shared a couple of the girls with people from the franchise who’ve asked… even they seemed to like them.”

Where will Nick travel? Let’s hope there are some exciting destinations so we can all do a little virtual travel while we watch Nick break some hearts this season.

“I have already heard a potential location for next season for overnights and final rose ceremony that I’m trying to get confirmation on as well,” Steve writes. “If it is this place, it’s somewhere they’ve never been.”

Bachelor Ben Higgins and his predecessor Chris Soules didn’t do quite as much international travel as Bachelor stars from previous season, so it’s time for ABC to kick things up a notch. Bring on the exotic travel, a bunch of drama queens, and perhaps a few ladies who are serious about finding love on the Bachelor.

Nick and Jen on Bachelor in Paradise [Image via ABC Television Network]
Are you excited to watch Nick Viall as the Bachelor or were you hoping to see Luke Pell or Chase McNary get the gig?

The Bachelor Season 21 premiere is scheduled to start in December. ABC is expected to announce the exact date for the first episode in the next few weeks.

[Image via ABC Television Network]

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