Rupert Sanders And Liberty Ross Allegedly In Marriage Counseling

Rupert Sanders and Liberty Ross are rumored to have been in marriage counseling for weeks. If the Radar Online source claims are correct, it looks like Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are not the only ones who may be getting back together. The Snow White and the Hunstman director and his former model wife are also allegedly seeing the marriage counselor separately. The couple is allegedly still living under the same roof, but not necessarily in the same bed.

As previously reported on The Inquisitr, both Stewart and Sanders allegedly told their respective significant others that the short fling between the pair did not include sex. Stewart reportedly shared her voicemail and email passwords with her Twilight co-star to prove that she had nothing to hide. Liberty’s primary goal is to figure out why her husband cheated on her in the first place, Wet Paint reports.

A Radar Online source had this to say about Liberty Ross and Rupert Sanders:

“I was Rupert’s suggestion the he go to marriage counseling with Liberty. He will do anything to save his marriage because he loves his wife and knows he screwed up. They have been married since 20003, and have two children together. Time will tell if it works, but Rupert is hopeful it will save the relationship.”

Whether or not Kristen Stewart and the director actually had sex, the tearing apart of trust and public embarrassment will likely still be a difficult transgression for Liberty to forgive. Forgiving someone you love is one thing, forgetting and moving on is an entirely different hurdle to clear. If the two couples manage to work out the issues caused by the infidelity, it will probably be a long time before either Pattinson and Ross can resist the urge to browse their significant other’s email and text messages.

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