Bella Hadid Shares Her Struggles With Lyme Disease, Jet Lag

Bella Hadid has been busy taking both social media and the fashion industry by storm. But it looks like the model needs some well-deserved rest.

The 19-year-old model took to Snapchat to give her fans a glimpse into her ongoing battle with Lyme disease. Hadid shared a photo of her arm hooked up to an IV as she enjoyed some downtime at home, according to Us Weekly. “Everyday,” she captioned the photo, seen below.

In her November 2015 interview with ES Magazine, Bella opened up about her struggle with Lyme disease.

“It affected my memory so I suddenly wouldn’t remember how to drive to Santa Monica from Malibu where I lived. I couldn’t ride [horses]. I was just too sick. And I had to sell my horse because I couldn’t take care of it.”

Her mom, Yolanda Foster, and brother, Anwar Hadid, also suffer from the autoimmune disorder. Foster revealed in her January 2016 blog post that her youngest daughter’s professional riding career was placed on hold due to her declining health.

“Bella had to give up her lifelong dream of having a professional riding career and a shot at the Olympics due to her severe symptoms and inability to ride. This was the biggest heartbreak of her life and an extremely sensitive subject for her. She is resilient and focused on a new direction – she’s made a name for herself in the modeling industry while she struggles with symptoms of chronic Lyme every day.”

Foster also took to Instagram to share a photo of herself resting in bed with her daughter, who was hooked up to an IV.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 30,000 new cases of Lyme disease are reported each year. Symptoms include chills, fever, headaches, and other flu-like conditions, but one obvious sign of Lyme disease is the target-shaped rash that it causes. While some people with Lyme disease are treated with antibiotics, others, like Bella, have long-term complications, reports Teen Vogue. According to the CDC, this is known as post-treatment Lyme Disease or post Lyme disease.

Bella Hadid gives fans a glimpse into her ongoing struggle with Lyme disease. [Photo by Francois Durand/Getty Images]
Earlier this month, Hadid spoke to Glamour about her struggle with Lyme disease. She said that people would get “really mean” and often say they don’t believe that she has the crippling condition.

“They always say that I don’t have what I have – but it’s taken a toll on my life since I was 15. I’ll occasionally get comments now like, ‘How do you have this disease if you’re working every day?'”

Along with battling Lyme disease, Hadid has also conquered jet lag several times. Jet lag is worse when you’re suffering from an autoimmune condition. She’s always traveling around the world on various modeling assignments, so she knows how to flawlessly camouflage the effects of under eye bags or dark circles. Hadid, who recently announced her beauty partnership with Dior, shared her beauty secrets in a special video for Vogue.

Earlier this month, Bella Hadid shared some of her beauty secrets. [Photo by Francois Durand/Getty Images]
Bella says that her secret weapon is concealer, as she just applies it everywhere on her face. “Just wing it, you know? Just put it, like, everywhere,” she casually says as she applies the product to her face.

Hadid then defines her cheekbones and jaw line by using Dior’s contour stick. Then, she just blends it in with her fingertips. To finish off her look, Hadid dabs a little gold metallic shadow to her lids before applying it to the inner corners to “open your eyes a little bit,” according to a PeopleStyle report. Before Hadid is completely done with her look, she takes her brunette tresses out of her towel and styles it.

Watch the rest of Bella Hadid’s chill and relaxing beauty tutorial below.

[Photo by Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images]

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