Next ‘Bachelor’ Star Nick Viall Revealed

The next Bachelor star has been confirmed to be Nick Viall! On tonight’s episode of After Paradise, hosts comedian Michelle Collins and former Bachelor Sean Lowe brought out Nick to make the announcement. Nick Viall, a 35-year-old Milwaukee native and ever-present Bachelor contestant, had previously made his way onto short lists of possible Bachelor stars. This marks his fourth appearance on the show: Nick was a runner-up on both Andi’s and Kaitlyn’s seasons of The Bachelorette as well as a contestant on this summer’s run of Bachelor in Paradise, which is still currently airing.

The Bachelor producer Mike Fleiss took to Twitter to confirm Nick’s status as the next Bachelor:

Nick has a sense of humor about preparing to be the next Bachelor star. When asked how he would prepare to be the next Bachelor, Nick replied, “I certainly have the practice,” referencing his past history on previous iterations of the show. “I don’t know if anything really prepares you for it.”

Nick’s season of The Bachelor will certainly be a dramatic one, given how he has previously been portrayed negatively on the show. The hosts of After Paradise, however, made it clear that Nick’s days as a bad boy are no more.

“It’s so cool to root for you, seeing as how you weren’t the best-portrayed guy… People genuinely want you to find love,” encouraged Lowe. “It’s your redemption season,” added Collins.

“I’m very nervous but I can’t be more excited about the possibility of it all working out,” gushed Nick in response.

Nick’s role as the new Bachelor certainly spells bad news for someone. According to Us Weekly, Nick has been dating fellow contestant Jen Saviano while on Bachelor in Paradise. Maybe she’ll make an appearance on his season of The Bachelor?

Unfortunately, not everyone is excited that Nick is the next Bachelor. As reported by Romper, beefy Canadian Daniel Maguire wanted the job. He has stated that “If you’re going to watch The Bachelor, you want a real dude. I mean, something that’s more realistic than ‘Oh, I love you so much’ right off the bat, and ‘Oh, she’s so beautiful’… People want real, people want entertaining, people want me…. So I think I’d made a great Bachelor and I think I’m a great catch as well!”

This year, there was a wide range of options other than Nick for the next Bachelor star. Luke Pell, Chase McNary, and Robby Hayes were all name-dropped as possibilities, as the runners up of the most recent season are always considered to be in the running. The front-runner for TheBachelor was rumored for weeks to be Luke, a soulful Texan with a penchant for flannel and country music.

Fleiss previously tweeted several clues to the new Bachelor’s identity, but the team behind The Bachelor is known for teasing fake announcements to trick fans into speculation. On his blog, Reality Steve reminded readers that “last year on the announcement, they had Nick on stage and tried to fake everyone out coming back from commercial, so I wouldn’t put it past them to have Chase post that on purpose to throw people off. Or even have Chase thinking it’s him up to the last possible minute. Let me tell you, I’d be shocked if it was Chase. All my intel for the last 2 months has said it’s going to be Luke, and I have no reason to believe otherwise.”

These false predictions are particularly embarrassing when they turn out to be wrong. Reality Steve, who is known for spoiling results of The Bachelor months before the show airs, tweeted a confirmation that Luke would be the next Bachelor this morning.

Thankfully, Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise resident villain Chad Johnson won’t be the new star – and that’s the best news of all. So while we’re excited for Bachelor Nick Viall, we’re really just glad it’s not Chad.

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