The Chris Brown Standoff And Baylee Curran: The Inside Scoop On Who Baylee Curran Really Is

TMZ broke the news early Tuesday morning when an unknown woman in Chris Brown’s house called the cops, asking for protection from the R & B star. Brown’s been in trouble with the law before, and has a history of violence towards women. When Chris hit Rihanna, there were a lot of former fans who gave up on him. Now he’s in trouble again, and it sounds even worse this time. The woman at the center of it all is an actress who says she’s hung out with Brown before, without any trouble despite his reputation.

Baylee Curran was in Brown’s house “with a friend” and although she knew about his past, she said Chris “was always nice” whenever they partied together. Baylee didn’t expect Chris to go off on her that night when she decided to hang out at his house and enjoy the hot tub. Baylee and her friend just wanted to have a good time, but Brown “appeared to be out of it… on drugs or alcohol.” The situation rapidly deteriorated when Curran left the hot tub to go inside the house and check out some of the jewelry Chris’ crew were displaying.

“When she admired it the guy went nuts, and then Chris followed suit by demanding she “get the f*** out” and pointed a gun at her.”

That sounds like a crazy night for Baylee, and one she will be careful not to let happen again. We can’t see Baylee and Chris spending much time together after this fiasco. Baylee posted a video to her Instagram account where she told her followers that she didn’t want this.

Brown even allegedly tried to make Curran sign a nondisclosure agreement, but Baylee, who was Miss California Regional 2016, sounds like the kind of person who knows how to take good care of herself, and she refused to sign. Contestants “focus on community service, academic achievements and having their voices heard in their communities,” and Curran made sure the community heard her voice when she called the cops on Brown.

Baylee has entered other beauty contests, and Hollywood Life reports that she won the title of Miss Love & Peace in Egypt for 2016. Curran wasn’t about to be so loving and peaceful that she let Brown get away with his threats of violence. It’s not likely that Curran will forget about the way Brown treated her.

Baylee Curran knows how to keep her cool under pressure, too. Her IMDb page says that she’s got some leading-role acting cred after starring in Cold Blooded and The Prodigal Son, and she “also starred in an international commercial for Moehair.”

When Baylee isn’t busy with acting and preparing for pageants, she loves riding. She’s spent a lot of her leisure time with horses, and has racked up a lot of experience in the equestrian ring. Curran describes herself as athletic, and her onscreen work is a testament to that athleticism. She does “all of her own stunts” when a film she’s working on requires extreme physical action.

International Business Times reported that Baylee is really active on Instagram, although you won’t find her tweeting and posting on Facebook very much. When she wanted to reach as many people as possible with her side of the Chris Brown stand-off, she took to Instagram and spoke directly to her 5,500 followers via video. You can find her @bayleecurran, but good luck seeing her pics, which range from bikini-clad hotness to glam. Since the Chris Brown standoff started going viral, it looks like Baylee has shut down her account.

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