UFO Researchers: 8-Foot Humanoid Aliens From Proxima B Visited Earth In 2012, And They Are Still Living Among Us [Video]

The discovery of Proxima b, an Earth-sized exoplanet orbiting in the habitable zone of the Sun’s closest stellar neighbor, the dwarf star Proxima Centauri, has reignited interest in an old conspiracy theory that eight-foot-tall extraterrestrial beings from a planet orbiting Proxima Centauri have been visiting Earth since ancient times.

According to conspiracy theorists, the announcement by astronomers at the European Southern Observatory of the discovery in our stellar neighborhood of an exoplanet potentially capable of supporting life provides evidence backing old conspiracy theory claims that there is a planet orbiting Proxima Centauri that is home to a humanoid species called the Cenos aliens.

The red dwarf star Proxima Centauri, about 4.22 light-years away, is part of the star system Alpha Centauri, consisting of Alpha Centauri A, Alpha Centauri B and Proxima Centauri.

The belief held by some members of the UFO and alien conspiracy theory community that 8-8.5-foot-tall humanoid Cenos aliens from Proxima Centauri have been visiting Earth since ancient times, and that they may still be living among us, originated in the alleged confessions of an alien from the Alpha Centauri star system known simply as “Hands,” CNET reports.

Hands revealed himself as an alien entity from the Alpha Centauri star system through a hypnotic subject.

Exoplanet Proxima b with the parent star Proxima Centauri in the background. The binary system of Alpha Centauri A & B is also visible. [Image via Shutterstock]
The alleged entity spoke through a woman being examined under hypnosis by a team of California psychologists. The entity claimed that he was an extraterrestrial being from a planet in the Alpha Centauri star system. The details of the entity’s self-description given during interview sessions lasting seven years — beginning form 1957 — were revealed in a book titled Hands: The True Account. A Hypnotic Subject Reports on Outer Space, published in 1976 by California psychologists Margaret Williams and Lee Gladden.

Hands claimed to be a huge extraterrestrial being with dome-shaped body and eight hands — hence the name “Hands.” He also revealed the existence of another alien race, the Cenos aliens, from a planet orbiting Proxima Centuari. The Cenos aliens, according to Hands, were 8-8.5 feet tall humanoid beings with multiple hearts. They were five times stronger than normal humans, according to Hands.

Cenos aliens have no need for sleep, suffer no diseases and have a life span of about 120 years. They have elongated skulls, big hands, and skins with huge pores.

An artist’s impression of the surface of Proxima b with Proxima Centauri in the sky [Image via Shutterstock]
Alien folklore also describes them as spacefaring beings that wear grey spacesuits and helmets. They travel in spaceships that look like a “spinning tape recorder.”

Cenos aliens have been visiting Earth since ancient times. They visited Earth during World War II. According to conspiracy theorists, they were last spotted on Earth in 2012 when they visited Taitung in Taiwan. Representatives of the Cenos species may still be living among us, according to conspiracy theorists.

Cenos aliens from the Proxima Centauri system have been visiting Earth since ancient times, according to conspiracy theorists [Image via Shutterstock]
Although there is no evidence that the psychologists Williams and Gladden believed that Hands was a real alien speaking through the woman they were interviewing under hypnosis, alien and UFO conspiracy theorists have invested Hands’ testimonies with the status of scriptural revelation.

Dr Barry Warmkessel, who holds a B.A. in physics from Pomona College and a Ph.D. from Arizona State University, claims to be an expert in alien technology and life forms, and also an authoritative source of information about Cenos aliens.

Warmkessel believes that “Hands” was a real alien being that revealed himself through the hypnotic subject whose identity remains unknown. He also believes that Cenos aliens visited Taiwan in 2012.

The alleged visit of Cenos aliens to Taiwan in 2012 attracted the attention of members of the online alien and UFO conspiracy theory community. Conspiracy theorist and UFO blogger Scott C. Waring, reported the rare Taiwan sighting in January 2013.


Waring reported the alleged sighting of an 8-foot alien in Taitung, Taiwan. The photograph of the alleged alien was taken by a local police office near the Jiaming Lake (see YouTube videos). According to Waring, alien experts said the photographed entity was a humanoid being with a head structured like that of a praying mantis.

Local news stations reported rumors of the existence of a massive underground alien base in the vicinity of the Jiaming Lake.

Warmkessel concluded after investigations that the alien visitor to Taiwan in 2012 was a Cenos alien.

According to Warmkesel, Cenos aliens also visited the ancient Akkadian civilization (c. 2300 B.C.). The old Sumerian deities were Cenos aliens deified by the ancient humans, according to Warmkessel.

The Cenos aliens also helped to build the ancient pyramids of Egypt and Mayan civilization.

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