Justin Bieber Nails Tracy Chapman’s ‘Fast Car,’ Tupac’s ‘Thugz Mansion,’ & More In Live Lounge

Color us impressed. Justin Bieber kicked off BBC Radio 1’s new Live Lounge month from Henson Studios, home of the famous The Muppet on Thursdays morning. Scroll down for never-before-seen pictures of the Biebs’ luxury pad.

The pop icon delivered an intimate acoustic set of six songs, which included Tracey Chapman’s 1988 anthem “Fast Car,” a gorgeous cover of Tupac’s posthumous opus “Thugz Mansion,” current collaborations Major Lazer’s “Cold Water,” and DJ Snake’s “Let Me Love You.” Bieber forgot some of the lyrics to the latter, but that’s how it goes live sometimes.

Seemingly referring to his memory blip and an air of awkwardness during the session. Afterward, Justin tweeted about it.

The Grammy winner then referred to the impromptu squatting moves he showed Radio 1’s Live Lounge host Clara Amfo, jokingly adding the following.

“What Do You Mean?” and 2Pac’s “Thugz Mansion” were definite highlights of the Biebs’ inaugural Live Lounge set. It is worth noting (as some fans did) that if the pop prince seemed tired, the session was filmed at 1:00 a.m. (L.A. time).

Back in the day, mentor Usher and present day manager Scooter Braun were also present.

Here’s a snippet of the “Sorry” singer in action. We’ll update with the official video when it rolls out.


During Justin’s set, Amfo asked the Canadian star a few questions before each song. After admitting he couldn’t “remember” anything about the writing of “What Do You Mean,” the 22-year-old sang a stripped back “Let Me Love You.” Replying to an observation that his rendition sounded like country, Bieber revealed he grew up hearing that genre in his native Canada.

Bieber’s solid cover of Chapman’s “Fast Car” was next, after a few false starts. The heartthrob frequently performs it during the acoustic portion of his Purpose World Tour. The singer revealed it was often played by his mother when he was growing up.

A fantastic and surprising cover of Tupac’s 2002 “Thugz Mansion” followed, although to anyone who has watched footage of Fetus Justin singing with posters of the rapper on the walls of his childhood home, or checked out the singer’s Purpose Tour stage wear, will know Bieber’s love of Tupac is longstanding.

Major Lazer ‘s laconic “Cold Water” was the supposed to be the last song, but Amfo requested a bonus song which Bieber obliged by performing Purpose album gem, the Ed-Sheeran co-penned “Love Yourself.”

More reveals arrived when Bieber showed Amfo around his amazing Toluca Lake house in L.A., which borders an actual lake. Radio 1 Live Lounge described it as the most fun house in the world.

Why? It turns out, Bieber’s expansive garden contains two blue crocodiles, a pizza inflatable in the pool, a giant swan piece, a massive colorful waterslide, a sculpture of headphones, and more.

Amfo and Bieber also shot some basketball hoops outside. The Brit presenter later tweeted that she and the singer hugged a few time and he “smells good.” For his part, the singer showed his guest around his barbecue set-up and other features of his rented home. It was revealed that the property used to belong to the French producer-DJ, David Guetta. It’s unclear whether Guetta still owns it. Either way, Bieber rents it.

All in all, Bieber opened Radio 1’s Live Lounge in fine style and offered surprising cover choices and some lovely vocals. The obvious nerves he showed at times and lyric slips in one song are entirely forgivable.

[Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images]

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