Meghan King Edmonds Justifies Feeling Pregnant Before Positive Pregnancy Test

Meghan King Edmonds spent the previous season of The Real Housewives of Orange County looking for an answer in regards to Brooks Ayers’ cancer. She was convinced that he was lying about his illness as he wasn’t doing anything that a cancer patient would do. Since a close friend of Meghan’s was battling cancer, she saw the fight first hand. Plus, Brooks would turn down doctor appointments and blame everything from a busy schedule to a flat fire. However, on this season of the show, Meghan is busy getting ready to have a baby.

According to a new Bravo report, Meghan King Edmonds reveals that she’s super excited to share her IVF journey on The Real Housewives of Orange County, even though there was no guarantee that she would become pregnant. But the doctors told her that she had a good chance of becoming pregnant, and they implanted both a boy and a girl. Even though King Edmonds was convinced that the boy was the baby she could feel, it turns out that her girl may have been the only one who implanted.

“I know the girls were laughing when I said I thought I was pregnant, but I swear I thought I felt my babies implant! My girl was more developed than my boy when they were transferred and that’s why I thought she implanted first. Looking back, I think I felt a leftover twinge from my left ovary (I had a couple cysts that burst which is common). As for my boy, I now think that was actually my girl implanting because the placenta was in the exact place I felt it. I don’t think my baby boy ever implanted,” Meghan King Edmonds explains in her blog for Bravo, revealing that she felt she was pregnant just days after the implantation.

While King Edmonds was over the moon about the pregnancy, it sounds like her husband hasn’t been that excited about the baby. These days, Meghan King Edmonds is actually six months pregnant, and she’s been working hard on getting the nursery ready for her baby girl. But according to Radar Online, Jimmy Edmonds has been absent through much of the planning and he even missed the appointment where she got implanted with both a boy and a girl. However, King Edmonds keeps defending her husband, saying he’s indeed excited, and he’s very romantic and involved.

In addition to her pregnancy, Meghan King Edmonds was surprised to see Tamra Judge and Heather Dubrow take the time to have dinner with Kelly Dodd, so she could explain her actions. It is clear that Dodd has an anger management problem, but Meghan doesn’t think that the dinner was successful. They could agree to disagree on some issues and Heather revealed that she wanted to give the upcoming trip a chance, even though there are children coming along.

“I don’t think it was too successful. I think Kelly has a tendency to get fixated on little things, like she did upon hearing that Heather was reluctant to take her child on a trip with Kelly because she was afraid of an outburst. I feel bad that Kelly was crying during the dinner, but I think if she put herself in Heather’s shoes instead of reacting defensively, she might be able to get further and heal past wrongdoings. So I have to admit that I’m with Heather on this one,” Meghan King Edmonds reveals in her blog for Bravo.

What do you think of Meghan King Edmonds sharing her journey on The Real Housewives of Orange County? Do you agree with her that the dinner between Tamra Judge, Heather Dubrow and Kelly Dodd was a failure?

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