iPhone 7 Cancellation Leak: Russia Confirms Device Has Been Cut From Apple Lineup

“Apple leak confirms massive iPhone 7 cancellation,” read a Forbes article from Thursday.

A source from Russia has confirmed that Apple will drop the iPhone 7 Pro from its lineup. With the company set to announce its newest device lineup in a few days, trademark filings in Russia reveal that Apple will only be releasing two new iPhones rather than the expected three.

The Eurasian Economic Commission in Russia published the trademark filings for 13 Apple devices. According to Forbes, most of the products are variations of the iWatch, but two registrations, A1778 and A1784, are for the iPhone line.

Forbes also reports that the leak “virtually guarantees the company’s top of the range iPhone 7 has been canceled.”

The cancellation comes as a shock since reliable leaks have led nearly everyone in the industry to believe that there would be three models of iPhone released this time around. The iPhone 7 (standard) and Plus are a given, but sources also revealed that a third model, dubbed “iPhone 7 Pro,” would also be available as well. It was rumored that it would be a premium edition iPhone that had a few upgraded features from the other models. It would also come fitted with the same dual-lens camera that the Plus is rumored to be getting.

To some media outlets, the cancellation is not breaking news. On August 17, the Japanese website Mac Otakara reported that “reliable sources” indicated there would only be two names for the upcoming devices: iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

MacRumors took this to mean that there would only be two devices despite the evidence that there would be an additional phone with an enormous 5.8-inch display. It contends that the iPhone 7 Plus with the 5.5-inch screen will sport the new dual-lens camera, and Apple will drop the larger device altogether.

However, Forbes notes that the new camera technology is precisely what is holding up the device. Previous reports indicated that Apple was struggling to obtain enough of the new camera units for both phones. This difficulty was reportedly solved, but the Pro would have to remain in reserve with limited quantities available. Now, it appears the phone is facing a complete cancellation from Apple’s lineup.

The leak out of Russia is very reliable. It comes from the patent and trademarking house there, so credibility is almost unquestionable. According to Forbes, the fact that only two phones have been registered is significant.

“Given Russia has always received every model of iPhone that Apple has sold up to now, the omission of a third model from the country’s official patent commission is as close to a rock solid confirmation as you’re likely to get.”

Unless Apple decides to import the premium features that the Pro was going to have to the Plus, the newer technology will not see the light of day on an iPhone until the next generation. However, it is highly unlikely that the company will import hardware this late in the game. Apple is set to announce its new products in less than a week, with pre-orders to follow shortly after that, and retail outlets getting the new line before the end of the month. Unquestionably, to meet the demand on this timeline, manufacturing has already begun.

To some, the leak of an iPhone 7 cancellation was not too disappointing. Many consider the iPhone 7, as it has been portrayed, to be only a minor upgrade from the iPhone 6S. Some users find the move to include an exclusive premium version not just a snub to the average user, but also somewhat greedy on Apple’s part.

Forbes contributor Gordon Kelly says, “For me personally this is good news because I’d like the iPhone 7 launch over as quickly as possible. Why? Because it is the radically overhauled iPhone 8 in 2017 which will be the really exciting one.”

Kelly is referring to a report from the Wall Street Journal that claims the iPhone 8 will have “an edge-to-edge organic light-emitting diode, or OLED,” among other exciting features.

Apparently, the smartphone industry is moving faster than ever when consumers are trying to find out what is coming two generations down the line before the upcoming phones have even been announced.

The iPhone 7 Pro cancellation may be all but confirmed by Apple, but as always, speculation, leaks, and rumors will be put to rest in less than a week when Apple finally unveils the iPhone 7 line on September 7.

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