‘Walking Dead’ Season 7 Spoilers: Is Abraham A Goner? Michael Cudlitz Says Fans ‘Don’t Really Want To Know’

Warning: This article may contain Walking Dead Season 7 spoilers.

The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere is less than two months away, and fans of the show are still trying to figure out who Negan killed with his baseball bat Lucille in the Season 6 finale.

However, actor Michael Cudlitz, who plays trash-talking tough guy Abraham, tells the Independent that real fans aren’t interested in spoilers.

“I believe that people who are truly fans of the show don’t really want to know. People like to [ask] because they like joking but really would be devastated if they had the answer and not because of who it was but because they have the answer. I think people want see it in real time.”

As the Inquisitr recently noted, Cudlitz has been doing a lot of press lately, while the rest of the Walking Dead cast continues to shoot Season 7 in Georgia. Last week, he even appeared with series executive producer Gale Anne Hurd at the Edinburgh International TV Festival in the U.K., so either Abraham is taking a long nap during the new season or he may suffer a fatal blow from Lucille in the season premiere.

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Cudlitz, of course, can’t directly reveal Abraham’s fate, but he offers some insights into the big guy’s unexpected romantic storyline in Season 6.

“I think the audience got to see him through this confusion of his love life, of all the unlikely characters to be experiencing this love crisis. I think we very much got in touch with his humanity and what it meant to not just live day to day, but what it meant to desire a future for himself.”

Oh, no. Has Abraham hope for the future? Experienced TV viewers know love and hope are never good for longevity in a post-apocalyptic universe filled with zombies and crazy dudes named Negan.

Cudlitz may have dropped a major Walking Dead Season 7 spoiler in a new interview with PopSugar, when he suggests Dr. Denise’s (Merritt Wever) gruesome death in Abraham’s place in Season 6 might mean his character is safe now.

“[Walking Dead comic book creator Robert] Kirkman was never happy with the death Abraham had in the graphic novels. He always said it was sort of a last-minute decision and that he regretted how he took him out. I think transferring that specific death of the crossbow arrow through the eye of Denise was sort of an Easter egg for the audience who follow the graphic novels… Now we get to see what a world with Negan and Abraham will be like.”

But for how long? Abraham could die just seconds into The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere and still technically have existed in Negan’s world.

Meanwhile, Gale Anne Hurd also talked to the Independent, saying she wouldn’t rule out the possibility of more Walking Dead spin-offs, but don’t hold your breath.

“You know, at this point there’s only so much bandwidth. I’m never going to say never, but at this point we have the challenge on Fear the Walking Dead, where we’re filming in Mexico, so we’ve added another country to our quiver. It’s wonderful to examine what the zombie apocalypse is like in a different culture.”

And the Walking Dead Season 7 press tour continues over at Entertainment Weekly, where showrunner Scott M. Gimple confesses he wasn’t surprised fans were angry about the Season 6 cliffhanger.

“It’s a very passionate audience, and I was surprised that there was some of that. I guess I was surprised by how intense some folks got. But passion is passionate and if they have it for the show, after six years, I guess we’ve just got to take our lumps.”

However, Gimple promises fans “the proof will be in the pudding, come October.”

What do you think of the latest Walking Dead Season 7 spoilers? Do you think Negan killed Abraham?

The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere airs Oct. 23 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

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