Stripper Pushed By Jealous Wife: Husband’s Lap Dance Lasts 7 Seconds [Video]

Jealousy is a hell of a drug. Or, more rightly, jealousy can be an overwhelming emotion that makes a woman push a stripper to the ground and topple off of her stripper heels only seven seconds after said stripper begins giving the woman’s boyfriend — or husband, as the video’s creator calls her — a sexy lap dance.

As seen in the following video, a woman mounted the stage and pushed a stripper to the ground as soon as the stripper began moving sexily in front of the woman’s boyfriend or husband.

As reported by the Daily Mail, the original video was uploaded to the Facebook page of Berthold Winkler.

Winkler’s video, which was uploaded on August 24, at 9:56 p.m., has grown to enjoy more than 2.1 million views on Facebook. It has been shared more than 25,000 times. In the description of the viral video, Winkler — who is a single guy from Takoradi studying Aeronautics Engineering at Shenyang Aerospace University and lives in Shenyang, China, but is from Ghana — describes to his viewers that they should wait until the end of the video to get their laughs.

“Hahahahahaa Watch till the end…”

Indeed, even in the beginning of the video, the man who gets the short lap dance can be seen dealing with someone pulling at his shirt off-screen. Presumably, that might have been the man’s jealous wife or girlfriend already upset that her husband or boyfriend has mounted the stage.

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The stripper can be seen enticing another man to come up on stage on the right side of the video. Eventually, the man on the left with the jealous wife or girlfriend gets on the stage. When the stripper instructs him to sit down, he does so, having already pulled away from the person who was tugging his shirt.

The stripper then begins to do a little shimmy dance. Just as the stripper is about to reveal more of her red bikini — with the stripper making a motion to remove her white shirt — another, more conservatively dressed woman appears on the left side of the screen. That woman pushes the stripper to the ground.

Some folks making comments are siding with the man, seeing as though the couple is apparently in a strip club. However, others realize that the couple might have come to the strip club, perhaps seeking a way to excitedly light their own love life’s fire — but maybe the jealous wife or girlfriend didn’t expect to have to watch her husband or boyfriend be seduced onstage by another woman.

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Eventually, the jealous woman gets ahold of her man and pulls him off the stage. Security appears and tends to the stripper after she was knocked down. Music with moaning sounds plays in the background. The melee was thought to take place in the Philippines, even though Winkler’s Facebook page says he lives in China.

In the wake of the viral video, Berthold posted an update to his Facebook page on August 27, at 6:01 a.m., which noted how many Facebook requests he received from Filipinos.

“Over 1000 Filipinos sent me Facebook request today..hahahahaa I think I need to visit Manila this year.. Welcome you all to my Facebook page….”

In the comments section of his viral video, Berthold called the jealous woman a “wife,” not a girlfriend, so it is not certain whether or not the woman who pushed the stripper is married to the man or is his girlfriend.

“This video really made my day..hahahahahaa…The wife was really brave to take that action.”

Berthold also joked in the comments section that the man was caught red-handed at the strip club. It isn’t certain if that was a masturbatory joke, or a real fact that the woman caught her man in the act of getting a lap dance from a stripper and furiously dragged him off the stage.

“He was caught red handed @ the club.”

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