‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Paul Scrambles, Claudette Causes Chaos, Ava Plans, And Franco Discovers Elizabeth

Viewers are quite anxious to see Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital. Spoilers share that chaos will erupt due to a blackout and Elizabeth is lying unconscious at the bottom of the stairs after behind shoved in the dark stairwell. There is action on the way during the August 30 show regarding Nathan, Griffin, Claudette, and Maxie, and fans will get to see a bit of Felicia during this episode as well.

As everybody saw on Monday, Liz took a tumble and many signs pointed to Paul as the culprit. It has been a bit unclear heading into this whether the stair incident was related to the diamonds or the serial killer, but General Hospital spoilers from Soap Opera Digest break down a big shocker: it seems that Paul is the “Angel of Mercy” killer, despite a fair number of reasons why this doesn’t necessarily add up.

Actor Richard Burgi says that he learned recently that his character Paul Hornsby would be the murderer who has been wrecking havoc throughout Port Charles for months. Burgi admits that this reveal seems a bit inconsistent with how the storyline has been laid out and fans can’t help but agree. As Celeb Dirty Laundry details, this reveal seems to come out of left field, and some of the details do not sync with earlier teasers. Could this be misdirection from the writers with a twist on the way?

During Tuesday’s show, Hayden will be headed down the dark stairwell at one point, but Hornsby stops her from heading in that direction. Franco, however, does end up at General Hospital looking for Liz and spoilers tease that he will find her and be anxious to get her help. Franco may have gone looking for her to reveal the big news that she and Hayden are sisters, but that will surely go on hold for the moment.

Viewers will see Monica and Finn scrambling to restore order at General Hospital in the midst of the blackout and spoilers detail that Andre will tell them that he found the cause of the situation. Many had started to look at Andre as the possible serial killer, and many signs did point in that direction. Will the sudser manage to tie this storyline up in a way that becomes believable regarding turning Hornsby into the murderer?

Elsewhere in Port Charles, General Hospital spoilers indicate that Claudette will walk in on Griffin in a state of undress, and it sounds as if she tries to take advantage of the opportunity. Maxie will be spending some time with Felicia as she works on her wedding planning, and she will voice some frustrations over the Claudette situation. Also, Nina will have some news to share with Claudette. As Felicia shares some words of wisdom with Maxie, Nathan will be getting some insight from Nina.

Ava is going to be right in the middle of all of the chaos of this next episode, as General Hospital spoilers tease that she will be making an interesting move. The buzz is that she may reach out to Hornsby and try to use what she’s realized about the mysterious cufflink to get the recording back that he has been holding over her head. Ava is certainly playing with danger if she goes this route if indeed he is the man responsible for the rash of murders over these past few months.

As the week continues, General Hospital spoilers detail that Hayden will be considered the prime suspect in the Liz incident and Finn will be coming to her defense. There is an arrest on the way, but it sounds as if Hornsby’s antics will remain under wraps for now. Sabrina and Michael will connect, and there will be some tense moments between them related to Joe. It seems that Franco may let on to Naomi that he knows the truth about Hayden, and Naomi issues a stern warning in return.

Will Franco keep the truth about the Webber girls to himself? Is Paul truly the serial killer as well as the man responsible for shoving Elizabeth down the stairs? Will Maxie and Nathan end up walking down the aisle or will their relationship run amok due to complications involving Claudette and Griffin? General Hospital teasers share that there is plenty more chaos on the way and fans cannot wait to see what happens next.

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