Are Gigi Hadid And Zayn Malik Breaking Up Again? Source Claims He Cheated — And There May Be Proof

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik may be on the verge of another split.

Just two months into their rekindled romance, a source claims the former One Direction singer cheated on the model with a mystery woman who claims to have photos and private messages sent between herself and Malik.

According to a report by Hollywood Life on August 30, a Twitter account by the name of “Expose Zayn Malik” shared a couple of photos of a man who appeared to be Malik on Sunday. In the photos, the man was seated in the kitchen with a guitar on his lap and several odd items on a counter in front of him. Among those items were a Coca Cola bottle, a glass of cigarette butts, a gun, and a spoon.

After sharing the photos online, the unidentified owner of the account informed fans that the photos of the man appearing to be Malik had been taken by a woman whom he was secretly communicating with behind Gigi Hadid’s back.

The account also went on to share messages which had reportedly been sent between Malik and the mystery woman.

In the messages, Gigi Hadid’s boyfriend reportedly requests the woman send him a cell phone number and confirms he is in Soho. They also seemingly chat about the “last time” they were together before confirming a location to meet.

While it is hard to say whether or not the messages are legitimate, the Twitter user has been claiming to have more information regarding Malik’s possible cheating that they will reveal at a later date. According to one of the account’s latest posts, there is more to come — and the next reveal will include more than just screenshots.

In response to the alleged private message leak, Malik’s alleged mystery woman released a statement online which read, “I’m not seeking attention from the info that was leaked. I have made sure not to say anything in light of the fact other [than] to defend myself. If I wanted attention, I’d have it. It’s simple to get. It always has been.”

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik began dating one another last November and continued to date until splitting at the end of May or in early June. However, just weeks after splitting, the couple was confirmed to be back on and going strong.

“They have been working on their communication and being honest with each other and so far things are great,” a source close to Gigi Hadid confirmed to People Magazine at the time. “They were fighting all the time and Gigi caught Zayn in a handful of lies and couldn’t take the mystery anymore, so she dumped him.”

The magazine failed to explain what it was that Gigi Hadid had caught Malik lying about.

Following their split, Malik “kept incessantly apologizing and wanted another chance,” the magazine’s source explained.

“[Gigi Hadid] gave it to him, and now he’s determined to prove himself to her,” adds the source. “Everything’s good at the moment, but things could change overnight. Zayn is really going to need to continue to prove himself to her. Otherwise, she may not stick around.”

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik have remained silent in regard to the recent rumor regarding his alleged contact with another woman, and both are currently on vacation in the Pacific with Malik’s family.

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