When Will ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 7B Premiere? Will Fans Find Out Who A.D. Is?

With the Pretty Little Liars Season 7A finale airing on August 30, fans want to know when the show will return with the 7B premiere. Will A.D. be revealed during this half of the season, or will we have to wait for another season? All that and more was shared in a Facebook Live video on Lucy Hale’s Facebook page.

It is now official: Pretty Little Liars will end with Season 7, so fans will find out who A.D. is soon. In fact, there are just 10 episodes left. But when will they air? PLL Season 7B will premiere in April of 2017, which is later than many fans expected. You can watch the full video with the premiere date revealed below.

Usually, the show returns after the winter break, often fighting against the main shows for viewers in its second half. This is often a plan to help with filming, as the season premieres are usually around June or July, with it being a summer show. That isn’t a concern this year, as Pretty Little Liars Season 7 is the end of the line. The show ends with these next 10 episodes, so filming after airing the finale isn’t anything people have to fit in.

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This lack of filming after could be the reason that Freeform execs have had to push the airing of the mid-season premiere back. Pretty Little Liars Season 7B is currently in the middle of filming, but it looks like everyone will be finished long before the show will air. Hale also shared a photo on her Facebook page to say goodbye to friends. During that post, she said that filming was coming to an end soon and that in “about two months” there would be an “end to an era.”


There are now questions over whether Pretty Little Liars could ever continue. There were rumors before Season 7 that this would be the end with the current cast, but that the show would move on with a newer cast for Season 8. This is definitely not going to be the case, nor is a movie happening. Variety shared that this was definitely the end for Pretty Little Liars, and it has always been the plan to end it that way. This was Marlene King’s vision from the start.

There are mixed opinions about the news. Fans aren’t happy that they are going to have to wait longer for the Season 7B premiere. They want it now, especially if what they believe is going to happen in the summer finale tonight does happen. Fans are worried that one of the Liars or their (ex) boyfriends will be killed during the finale, considering the trailer uses the hashtag #PLLDeathTrap.

With opinions come questions surrounding A.D. Is it possible that fans will find out the identity of A.D. in the Pretty Little Liars Season 7A finale? Could that identity be held secret from the Liars? Will fans just get to watch as the Liars continue to interact with the real person? It would certainly be a major cliffhanger, especially if fans find out that one of their favorite characters turns out to be A.D.

There are plenty of theories surrounding the identity of A.D. and the secret child of Mary Drake. One of the Liars will find out a secret from her past, and is it possible that secret is adoption?


Don’t miss the Pretty Little Liars Season 7 summer finale on August 30 on Freeform. Season 7B will return in April of 2017, and at some point A.D.’s identity will be revealed.

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