Paul Thomas Anderson’s ‘The Master’ Gets An Extended Trailer

Director Paul Thomas Anderson’s latest critically-acclaimed motion picture The Master may have already opened in theaters across North America, but that hasn’t stopped the individuals behind the film from releasing yet another trailer online. According to Cinema Blend, the extended preview you see embedded beneath this article is a kind of “thank you” to folks who have openly embraced the film. The clip, which runs well over the four minute mark, gives fans of the movie a chance to see a few scenes that didn’t make it into the final version.

The latest trailer for The Master, which has been titled “Last One/Thank You,” gives those who simply cannot get enough of Paul Thomas Anderson’s latest masterwork an opportunity to sample some of the moment that weren’t included in the theatrical version of the feature. It remains to be seen if the home video release of The Master will include an extended director’s cut of the film. Given that there appears to be a wealth of deleted content, the possibility of a longer version isn’t completely far-fetched.

In case you haven’t heard, The Master was inspired by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard. Internet Movie Database describes the film’s plot as follows:

“After returning from the Second World War, having witnessed many horrors, a charismatic intellectual creates a faith based organization in an attempt to provide meaning to his life. He becomes known as “The Master”. His right-hand man, a former drifter, begins to question both the belief system and The Master as the organization grows and gains a fervent following.”

Director Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master, which features such talented actors as Philip Seymour Hoffman, Joaquin Phoenix, and Amy Adams, opened in theaters across North America on September 21. The extended and reportedly final trailer for the film has been embedded below.

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