WWE ‘SmackDown’ Spoilers: What Will Happen During Tonight’s Matches?

With such a momentous Raw last night, you’re probably thinking, “what sort of WWE SmackDown spoilers can possibly top the return of a legendary wrestler, a new Universal Champion, and talk of more legendary wrestlers coming back to the fold?” Fortunately, we can confirm that there are a lot of things to expect from tonight’s episode from SmackDown, and we’ve rounded up the most important updates for you in one place!

Warning: this post contains spoilers. Please do not read this post if you don’t wish to find out about WWE SmackDown spoilers.

The first set of WWE SmackDown spoilers come to us courtesy of our friends at SportsKeeda, and they’ve confirmed that tonight needs to be the night that SmackDown steps its proverbial game up. For the longest time, SmackDown has been clobbering Raw in the ratings, though after last night, there just might be a role reversal. So what does tonight’s SmackDown have to do to deliver?

First, of course, they’re going to have to expand on the Heath Slater story line. As it stands right now, Slater is a free agent — but the finding of Rhyno as his tag team partner is, of course, a good strategic move for the organization in order to keep Slater in the company. And if this battle between Slater & Rhyno, and the newly-reunited Headbangers, results in an epic tag-team match, it just might be enough to get Slater to sign with the WWE again.

Other WWE SmackDown spoilers come courtesy of OneIndia, whose readers watch SmackDown when it airs live at 7:30AM their time (go figure). They’re suggesting that we can expect a lot more fighting from the women in the organization, and that will be enough to draw in the viewership. They’re suggesting that Nikki Bella — who has a bit of a recovery to do after last week’s brutalization from Carmella — will be taking home the Women’s Championship that was specifically designed for the SmackDown brand. We’ll also get a better look at the six women who will be competing in the so-called “Six Pack Backlash” for the Women’s Championship belt.

Finally, Cageside Seats have some of the most anticipated WWE SmackDown spoilers we’ve been waiting for. Namely, they’ve discovered that this is the week that Daniel Bryan will finally respond to The Miz calling him out! We’ll recall that, on last week’s episode of Talking Smack, The Miz called out Bryan for being “selfish” and abandoning his fans when he retired from the ring. Bryan took a hiatus from wrestling earlier in the year because his doctors said that he was more susceptible to injury if he continued to fight.

Could it be that Bryan will be making a much-anticipated return to the ring after all, no matter what his doctors say?

One of the comments that a fan recently made about the two brands is that SmackDown is always a more consistent show, while Raw tends to bring more spectacular moments. And this seems to be continuing to be true. However, SmackDown still manages to get a loyal fanbase, as one comment clearly shows.

“Finally, I get to attend a show of the Blue Brand that I’ve loved so long, and what a show it has to potential to be! We get the aftermaths of Miz’s promo and Carm/Nikki’s double turn, buildup to AJ/Deano, Heath/Rhyno’s first match as a tag team, potential buildup to Bray/Randy, Naomi’s entrance, etc. Maybe if my fellow DFW fans and I are lucky, we might even get to see Miss Bliss make an entrance, and you already know how I’ll react if a certain pun-loving, steampunk repping, La**kicking queen gets an entrance and wins a match! Both of those seem unlikely because of last week, but you never know!”

What do you think of this round of WWE SmackDown spoilers? Leave your thoughts about the latest WWE SmackDown spoilers in the comments below.

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