Nick Viall Makes Fun Of Josh Murray’s Anger, Amanda Stanton Says She Needs To See Things For Herself

The latest episode of Bachelor in Paradise showed Nick Viall and Josh Murray at odds once again. Josh and Nick got into a heated confrontation when Josh found out that it was Nick who told the twins, Haley and Emily Ferguson, that Amanda Stanton should be wary of him. Prior to the episode’s airing on Monday night, Nick poked fun at Josh’s anger by likening him to a very angry cartoon character. Amanda also spoke out about the drama by thanking her fans for their support, but pointing out that you sometimes need to see things for yourself.

Nick compared Josh to the Anger character from Disney/Pixar’s animation movie Inside Out.

Many people replied to Nick’s tweet to tell him that they love the comparison and to laugh about it. One person even said that the cartoon character just needs more sweat to be more like Josh.

Does Amanda think that Josh has an anger problem? As the episode aired, she posted a tweet that made it clear that she didn’t want to let other people’s opinion of Josh sway her own opinion of him.

While some people agreed with Amanda, many others responded that she should be very careful of Josh, particularly because she has two young daughters to think about. They told her that Josh’s behavior on the latest episode clearly shows that he gets angry easily, and is manipulative.

On Monday night’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise, Nick Viall and Jen Saviano decided to spend the night together in the room set aside for couples, nicknamed the Boom Boom Room. Upon seeing Nick and Jen going there, Josh told them that he and Amanda had dibs on it first. When Nick and Jen told him that Amanda already told them that they could have the room because she was sleeping alone, Josh told them that they’re wrong.

“Just lettin’ y’all know, we’re staying up there tonight…No. Amanda and I are sleeping up there tonight.”

Josh again accused Nick of trying to “make drama” and went to find Amanda. Seeing Amanda in deep sleep, Josh woke her up to ask her why they weren’t sleeping together.

“Baby, are you not sleeping with me anymore?” he asked, to which she, barely awake, murmured that she was very tired. “All right, good talk,” a seemingly annoyed Josh said, before patting her back and leaving.

The next day, Josh Murray joked to Amanda Stanton that she was in trouble for her Houdini act the prior night. The talk turned serious when he told her that she’s a great person, who is genuinely nice to everyone. He then told her that he’s falling in love with her. Amanda clearly loved hearing Josh say that.

Trouble came when, prior to the rose ceremony, the twins, Haley and Emily Ferguson, asked Nick what he thought about Josh. Nick confessed that he found Josh’s behavior alarming.

“The fact that he cracked a little bit for something as simple as Amanda decided to go to bed without telling him — that’s concerning to me.”

Nick told the twins that what Josh’s ex-fiancee, the Bachelorette Season 10 star Andi Dorfman, wrote about Josh in her tell-all memoir, It’s Not Okay, specifically that Josh was emotionally and verbally abusive, jealous and manipulative during their engagement, is probably true given that she told the truth about him. Nick also said that he thinks that Josh is trying to redeem his tarnished image by getting together with a sweetheart like Amanda.

Alarmed that their best friend could be getting herself in trouble, Haley and Emily, after making the decision to leave the show, given their lack of romantic connections, pulled Amanda aside to voice their concerns.

They advised Amanda to ask Josh about the claims that Andi made in her book and then left. Josh, seeing Amanda upset after talking to Emily and Haley, immediately asked her what happened. Amanda told him that she didn’t want to talk, but Josh wanted an answer. Amanda confessed that the twins brought up Andi’s claims and warned her that his intentions with her may not be good. Clearly frustrated at having to defend himself again, Josh told Amanda once again that Andi’s book was “ludicrous.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Andi Dorfman recently seemingly responded to Josh’s claim that her book, at least in regards to what it states about him, is a total lie by tweeting that she speaks the truth.

Amanda told Josh that the twins wouldn’t just lie to her and added that they told her that the information came from a “trusted source.” Enraged, Josh asked that the entire cast convene for a meeting. He demanded to know who was talking ill of him.

“For some reason, one person or multiple people have accused me of being fake! It’s very disrespectful… and it’s a bunch of bulls*** to be honest with you.”

Nick fessed up. He said that Josh’s intense focus on Amanda immediately after arriving was suspect and admitted that he was the one who told the twins that Amanda should be careful. Nick even admitted to Josh that he told the twins that sometimes he thinks Josh is “full of s**t.”

Josh got close to Nick and yelled at him. Josh then seemed to threaten Nick.

“You need to hope that everything’s good with me and her!”

Josh stomped away and packed his suitcase, saying that he was there only for Amanda, and he was going to leave if she doesn’t believe him. Amanda acknowledged that it was the fourth time that someone has warned her about Josh. Yet upon seeing Josh walk down with his luggage, Amanda apologized for not believing in him. Josh accepted Amanda’s apology and told her that he was going to stay for her.

Do the twins still believe that Amanda should be careful with Josh? As the episode aired, Emily Ferguson hinted that her opinion of Josh has changed by posting a photo of herself sitting next to Josh and Amanda, as well as Evan Bass and Carly Waddell and Lace Morris and Grant Kemp, making out. Emily wrote that she’s genuinely happy for everyone who found love on the show and that she completely supports every relationship.

Will viewers see Amanda Stanton continue on with a relationship with Josh Murray on Bachelor in Paradise? Or will viewers see her heed Nick Viall’s advice to stay away? Last week, Amanda and Josh, perhaps tired of all of the criticism, provided a spoiler about their relationship in an interview with Us Weekly.

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