‘The Young And The Restless’ News: Miles Gaston Villanueva Confirms Luca Santori’s Exit, Promises ‘Y&R’ Fans They’ll See Him Soon [Spoilers]

Miles Gaston Villanueva took to Twitter to announce that he is out as Luca Santori on the hit daytime drama, the Young and the Restless, according to Soap Hub.

Luca Santori arrived in Genoa City last year with the plan to woo his estranged wife, Marissa (Sofia Pernas). Years ago, they had a falling out and vowed that she wanted nothing to do with him or his rich family. As it turned out, she had every reason to despise him, and as his story unfolded he was perceived as a creepy yet passionate man.

Of course, Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) used Luca for all he was worth and the duo pulled off a few eyebrow-raising schemes. All of which, Victor blamed Luca for in the end. Poor Luca, no one believed him and he was backed into a corner. All he wanted (and needed) was true love and the Newmans’ respect.

The Young and the Restless sealed Luca’s fate on today’s show when Summer Newman (Hunter King) ended her engagement with the Latin sweet talker and turned him into the police for sabotaging Newman Enterprises.

Actor Miles Gaston Villanueva confirmed today, in a series of tweets that his character was leaving the Young and the Restless after spending a little more than one year as Luca Santori. In 2013, he portrayed Father Martin on the CBS soap opera and the producers loved him so much that they brought him back in a role that had much more depth.

The Young and the Restless spoilers teased that former executive producer, Jill Farren Phelps wanted to cast him in a role that would stick around for at least a few months. They felt there was “something about him” that the Young and the Restless fans would connect with.

When Luca first came into town, the Young and the Restless casting announcement stated that Luca was expected to stick around for about six weeks. He stuck around for a little more than a year. And, truthfully, his character had little to no chance at redemption, especially after crossing the great Victor Newman.

The Young and the Restless writers painted Luca as a squirmy shrewd business man that would stop at nothing to get whatever he wanted, even it meant destroying someone else’s life. He stopped at nothing to get ahead in life and wasn’t shy about mentioning that his family was wealthy, powerful, and most of all, dangerous.

It appeared for a little while that Luca life was going to turn around for the better when he fell in love with Summer. They seemed to genuinely care for each other, and many the Young and the Restless fans were rooting for the young couple to work out.

Luca had crossed too many people and placed Summer’s life in danger. It was the last straw and sealed Luca’s fate. It was time for him to go, and the Young and the Restless fans must say goodbye to him.

Villanueva didn’t say whether Luca would be killed off or go away to spend the rest of his life in prison.All we know so far is he will not be a part of the daytime drama and we’ll see Miles in another project in the future.

The Young and the Restless fans, are you sad to see Luca leave Genoa City? Do you think he will end up being killed off or will the police haul him off to prison in a striped jumpsuit? Will Summer will ever find love that last longer than a New York minute?


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