Anderson Cooper Apologizes To Teresa Giudice

The Teresa Giudice and Anderson Cooper drama appears to be over. The Real Housewives of New Jersey star accepted an invitation to go back on the show for a second interview, the follow-up visit was a lot more tame than the first. Cooper chastised Giudice emphatically during the first visit and was later accused of behaving like a bully by some fans. The “Silver Fox” showcased his kinder and gentler side when the RHONJ leading lady came back and apologized for his rather rash behavior.

The Anderson Live host noted he was rude when Teresa first came on the show, and she quickly accepted his apology. After the popular television show host and the Bravo reality star cleared the air, the guest was given ample time to discuss her family and the ongoing feuds with some cast members, Radar Online notes.

Anderson Cooper had this to say during the Giudice interview:

“After I did that interview someone in the audience got involved, it was a teacher, she said to me that I had been rude and I always listen to teachers. It got me thinking and it made me really sad that I would have been rude because I didn’t want to be rude. I hate rudeness. Honestly all day long I was worried that I was rude. I was like popping Nexium because I had heartburn because the idea of being rude so upsets me.”

Apparently, Cooper really does not like to behave rudely. The rambling apology was a bit embarrassing to watch; the host is typically far more confidant and well-spoken. Teresa Giudice may not be everyone’s idea of a good friend, nice relative, or overall classy human being, but she did not deserve to be the vehement attack issued by the television host. Kudos to Cooper though for deciding to man up and admit his behavior was inappropriate, even if he did so in a less than eloquent manner.

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