Police Believe Johnny Lewis Was On Drugs, Dismembered Landlady’s Cat

More details have emerged regarding former Sons of Anarchy co-star Johnny Lewis’ apparent murder-suicide this week. Police now believe that Lewis was under the influence of drugs on the night of his death, while family and former co-stars express their sadness and confusion over the talented young man’s tragic turn.

Authorities are now saying that in addition to killing his 81-year-old landlady, Catherine Davis, Lewis also beat and butchered her cat before apparently falling to his death from the roof of the home. Police now believe that Lewis was possibly under the influence of PCP or meth on the night of his death, as he exhibited “superhuman strength” when fighting with two neighbors and allegedly dismembered Davis’ cat with his own hands.

Lewis has been in trouble with the law all year. The actor was charged with burglary and felony assault with a deadly weapon for separate incidents earlier this year and punched a man for no reason in February, according to TV Guide. After these arrests, Lewis was sentenced to 303 days in jail, finally seeing release a mere five days before his death.

Lewis was also involved in a custody battle at the time of his death, reports E! News.

Reactions to Lewis’ death have mostly been marked with confusion. Family sources told TMZ that Lewis experimented with drugs earlier this year, causing a “psychotic break” that he never recovered from. He chose to “self-medicate” his symptoms, which led to much of his strange and violent behavior this year. Fellow Sons of Anarchy alum Kenny Johnson (who played SAMCRO-transfer Kozik) said “It’s sad man … I’m sad, I’m bummed, I’ve been in shock all day,” adding, “He’s a really good guy.”

Kurt Sutter, the creator of SoA, has probably had the most unique reaction thus far, admitting that he wasn’t surprised by Lewis’ death, as the actor had been on a “destructive path.” Sutter’s general consensus is similar to other reactions, saying Lewis’ death marked “a tragic end for an extremely talented guy, who unfortunately had lost his way.”

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