Johnny Lewis Had ‘Psychotic Break’ After Bad Drug Experience

Johnny Lewis took some bad drugs and had a psychotic break he never recovered from. That’s the situation that led to the Sons of Anarchy actors death according to sources close to Lewis’ family.

The sources tell TMZ that in the early part of 2012 Lewis was just a normal guy but a bad experience with drugs caused him to snap. They say the drug led to an almost immediate “psychotic break” and that, despite his best efforts, he couldn’t get better.

A family source says, before the incident, Johnny was okay, but, following the drug use, his mentality changed dramatically. Johnny Lewis all of a sudden became mentally unstable and tried to “self-medicate” to deal with the new problems in his life.

Johnny was diagnosed by a doctor as having “co-occurring disorders” because of his mental problem and the problems that occurred because of his self medicating.

Unfortunately, because of the actor’s drug use, he was never officially diagnosed in order to undergo treatment for whatever problems he was suffering from. A doctor did manage to put Johnny on medicine for his mental disorder, but, six days after getting out of jail, Johnny reportedly had stopped taking the medication, which turned him increasingly unstable and violent.

Sources close to the scene of the grizzly murder of Johnny Lewis‘ landlady also claim that her death was not brought about by a drug-fueled rage.

Police are still waiting on a drug panel, which will reveal what if any drugs were in the actors body at the time of his death. Investigators on Friday also announced that they still not sure exactly how Johnny Lewis died; their investigation is still ongoing.

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