Sarah Palin Rooting For Bristol, But Won’t Be Doing ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Herself

Sarah Palin may not be running for president this time around, but she’s still looking for votes.

The former governor of Alaska and GOP vice presidential candidate has taken to the media to talk up her daughter Bristol Palin, who is competing on this all-star season of Dancing With The Stars.

“These are all champions that she’s competing against,” Sarah Palin told Extra TV. “She was 19 when she did this last time. Here she’s 21 now, so yeah, she’s certainly matured and more experienced.”

But, while she loves watching Bristol dance, Sarah Palin won’t be getting on the dance floor herself.

“No [I wouldn’t do it], Bristol’s doing great. She’s represented our family very well.” Sarah added, “I’m such a klutz.”

While Bristol is getting good scores in her debut, Sarah Palin also got some good news out of Alaska where, on Thursday, a federal judge threw out a lawsuit claiming she tried silence an activist complaining about traffic around the governor’s mansion in 2009.

US District Judge Timothy Burgess granted a request Palin made for summary judgement, finding that activist Chip Thoma didn’t have the evidence to support his claims, The Associated Press reported. Palin’s lawyer said the ruling should lead to a dismissal of the case.

Thoma had been suing Sarah Palin for at least $100,000, claiming that she undertook an effort to punish, embarass, descredit, and silence him after he complained about bus traffic near the governor’s mansion after she lost her bid as vice president in 2008.

Thoma claimed that after he made signs and fliers about the traffic and complained to a state agency; Palin and other unidentified conspirators “twisted his words” and made up lies about him to retaliate. His case was based partly on a draft manuscript by Frank Bailey, a former Palin aide, that claimed other aides “went into discrediting Chip overdrive” after Palin became frustrated with complaints she saw as an attack on her family.

Burgess refused to accept excerpts from the book and added that Thoma didn’t have enough other evidence to verify the claims anyway.

“The record is simply devoid of evidence concerning the alleged retaliation,” Burgess wrote.

The lawsuit aside, Sarah Palin can now focus all her attention on Bristol Palin’s run on Dancing with the Stars. The former Alaska governor said she plans to attend every taping.