Duchess Kate And Prince William ‘Banned’ From Diana Death Remembrance By Prince Charles?

Princess Diana died 19 years ago tomorrow, Aug. 31. Prince William and Kate Middleton were barely in their teens when a car accident tragically killed William’s mother, and Prince Harry was two years younger. William and Harry are only now beginning to express their feelings about their charismatic mother, and many expected that there would be a lot of special ceremonials on this year’s anniversary of Diana’s death, as well as private time for William, Kate, and Harry to remember the day Diana died. The only plans they’ve made public though are for next year, marking twenty years since Diana’s death.

So far from planning some personal time for the commemoration of Diana’s death, Prince William and his wife, Duchess Kate, will be visiting the Duchy of Cornwall in obedience to orders from William’s father, Prince Charles, and they’ll be busy with other royal duties.

Morning News USA reports that royal watchers are questioning why Prince Charles, who was married to Diana for several tumultuous years back in the eighties and nineties, would choose the date of Diana’s death for William and Kate’s visit to Cornwall. There are even suggestions, amid rumors of a Prince William and Kate Middleton divorce, that Charles and his wife Camilla did it “on purpose.”

“Was this done on purpose by Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall?”

Prince William and Duchess Kate are “apparently sad” that they will be so busy in Cornwall that there won’t be an opportunity to properly remember Diana on the 19th anniversary of her death. William has spoken about his late mother several times lately and has shared some deep-seated feelings about the grief he’s dealt with since the day of her death. He told reporters that he misses Diana every day of his life.

The Irish Independent reports that William and his younger brother Harry aren’t following in the standard British “stiff upper lip” style of communication. As the August 31 date of Diana’s 1997 death approaches, the royal brothers are sharing more and more details about their grief to help others. Harry in particular had little to say about Diana’s death until he was 28-years-old, and that’s something he wants to prevent happening for others who are bereaved.

“I really regret not ever talking about it. It’s OK to suffer, as long as you talk about it.”

Royal watchers see that William, Harry, and Kate are all taking a lead from Diana’s way of interacting with everyday people. The Princess of Wales was often very restricted in her ability to act according to her own lights, but she tried at every turn. Now her sons are reaching out past royal barriers as well.

“He is following Diana – and that is further proof of her legacy.”

But that openness might not please the older royals. There have always been rumors about Prince Charles’ relationship with Diana, and plenty of people to blame and point fingers. For many, there’s never been a question that Prince Charles, who is 68 years old, “has no respect for his ex-wife,” although not everyone is that judgmental about Charles and Diana’s relationship.

Right now, it’s way too easy for Diana’s legions of fans to think that Charles doesn’t care about his own sons enough to let them choose what to do on the anniversary of Diana’s death.

The reality might be that the Prince of Wales has a lot on his plate, and scheduling conflicts made this week the only time for William and Kate to visit. But those who think otherwise have some evidence to back up their ideas. Not that long ago, the Daily Mail writes that the prince paid tribute to the “two most important women in his life.” Those women were his current wife, 69-year-old Camilla, and his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother. Charles didn’t mention Diana at all.

Whatever the reason behind this time of year for the Cornwall visit, Kate and William are showing themselves obedient to Prince Charles. For William and Harry, it doesn’t look like they’ll have much opportunity for some private reflection time this year.

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