‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’: Brandi Boyd Confesses To Princess Love That She Blew Max Lux’s Money

Last week on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Max Lux surprised Brandi Boyd with a bag full of cash. Max was paid $27,000 for his work recently and, because of Brandi’s nagging, decided to let her put the money into an account for their young son. It turns out that Brandi didn’t do that at all, and now that the money is spent, Brandi is going to be in big trouble. Here she is in a recent LHHH sneak peek shared on YouTube as she confesses to Princess Love what she really did with the money.

When Max initially surprised Brandi with a bag full of five dollar bills, the plan was to invest it in their son’s future. Brandi was supposed to take that money and put it in savings for him. Of course, Max should have known better when Brandi immediately opened the bag and started throwing the bills all over the room while singing, “Money, money, money, money!”

Max Lux made it clear to Brandi Boyd that he did his part in earning the big bag of cash. Now, he wanted her to do her part and invest it in their son’s future. The conversation about saving for their son has taken place many times, with Brandi pushing her man to do more about providing more financial security for their son.

Imagine what Max is going to say when he learns that Brandi didn’t open an account for their kid like she had originally said she would do. Instead, it looks like she invested in herself. Rather than open up a new savings account or put the money in CDs, Brandi decided to use Max’s $27,000 to open a new boutique instead.

In the latest Love & Hip Hop Hollywood sneak peek, Brandi Boyd and Princess Love get together for a chat. Brandi and Princess are longtime friends, but the newlywed reality star knows almost immediately that something isn’t right when she shows up to the shoot.

That’s when Brandi confesses to her friend that she never did invest any of the $27,000 that Max gave her. It turns out that the new store where she wanted Princess to meet her is the same place the money went. Brandi confided to Princess that she invested the money in her half of the new boutique called Jhalae.

“I’m not one to judge, but girl, something is wrong with you. That’s betrayal,” Princess Love told her friend.

Brandi Boyd argued that while Max still doesn’t know what she’s up to, she hasn’t really betrayed her man.

“I intend to turn that 27,000 into 270,000 real quick,” Brandi told her friend.

The betrayal didn’t end with the boutique purchase either. That’s when she told Princess that she’s been using her friend as an alibi and that’s why Max Lux has no idea what she had been up to during the purchase of the new boutique. Max thinks his woman has been spending her time with Princess Love, and the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood co-star didn’t know anything about it.

When Max finds out what Brandi has been up to, there is no way he’ll be okay with her recent business decisions. Not to mention that she did it all behind his back rather than talking to Max about investing in a business rather than putting the money away for their son. Will Max ever trust her again? At least Princess Love made it clear that she would tell Ray J where she had been and who she had been with. Maybe Brandi Boyd should take a few tips from her newly married friend.

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood airs Mondays at 8/7c on VH1.

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