Five WWE Stars Who Could Replace John Cena As The Face Of The Company

John Cena’s days as a full-time WWE superstar appear to be coming to an end. While he’ll always be affiliated with the company, it’s clear that WWE is trying to find someone who can replace him as the face of the organization.

For the last two years, WWE has tried to put Roman Reigns in the John Cena spot, but up to this point, they haven’t been able to successfully do so. Of course, because of his size and look, they’ll continue to push Reigns as a top guy, but will he ever be able to become the face of the company? Probably not.

There are a ton of guys on the current WWE roster who could take Cena’s spot if they were used correctly, although some of them may not be good long-term fits because of their age. But, with Cena looking to take advantage of as many non-WWE opportunities as he can, WWE has a major hole that they need to fill, and they need to fill it quickly.

Who are some of the guys in the WWE locker room who could take Cena’s place? Well, here’s five who would have a pretty good shot at becoming the new face of WWE if the company ever decided to put them in that spot.

  • AJ Styles

Because of his age, AJ Styles wouldn’t be the long-term answer that WWE is looking for. However, he could be a good short-term fit at the top of the card while WWE tries to find out who their long-term fit will be.

WWE has done a great job with Styles over the last couple of months, and he’s clearly the top heel on the SmackDown brand. He’s currently the number one contender for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, which he’ll presumably win at next month’s Backlash show.

If WWE were to make AJ Styles the face of the company for the next two years or so, they’d be going against their general rule, which is that their top guy has to be in the neighborhood of six-foot-three, and 250 pounds. Of course, Styles is significantly smaller than that, but that doesn’t mean that he couldn’t successfully take John Cena’s top spot if WWE gave him that opportunity.

  • Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt has yet to get the babyface run that everyone has been calling for, but when he finally does, he’ll be one of the most popular good guys in the company.

Bray has it all: the charisma, a unique look, the family history, and the wrestling ability. But, the question is, will WWE be willing to ignore his not-so-great physique and make him their top guy? We all know that Vince McMahon and Triple H are bodybuilding fanatics, and Bray Wyatt isn’t exactly Mr. Olympia.

At the age of 29, Bray Wyatt would be a great long term fit as WWE’s top guy. But, because of the fact that he’s been treated like an afterthought over the last couple of months, it doesn’t look like they’ll be putting him in that position anytime soon.

  • Finn Balor

Unfortunately, Finn Balor’s WWE Universal Championship reign ended as soon as it began. However, he will be back, and he will be one of WWE’s top guys when he returns to the ring.

It was quite clear that WWE was planning on making Balor one of the faces of the Raw brand, as they pushed him hard, and they pushed him fast as soon as he was called up to the main roster. However, Balor is 35-years-old, and he has a lot of wear and tear on his body, so he wouldn’t be the long-term answer that WWE is looking for, but he could be a great short-term fit for them if he’s able to stay healthy after his return.

  • Dean Ambrose

When The Shield made their debut on the main roster, most believed that Dean Ambrose should’ve gotten the biggest push of the three men. Of course, everyone knew that Roman Reigns was going to get the biggest shove because of his look, but Ambrose was arguably the most talented of the three men.

Right now, Dean Ambrose is the top guy on the SmackDown brand, and he claims to be Vince McMahon’s favorite wrestler. So, if that is indeed the truth, then he should end up being the face of WWE in no time.

Ambrose has everything you’d want from your top guy: he can talk, he can wrestle, the fans love him — he has it all. The one thing that’s going against him is that he’s not the biggest guy in the company. However, he’s definitely talented enough to overcome that, and he certainly has thus far.

  • Seth Rollins

If WWE would’ve brought Seth Rollins back as a babyface when he returned from injury this past spring, then he would’ve easily been the most popular guy in the company. But instead, they decided to have him remain as a heel because they were still set on making Roman Reigns the company’s top babyface.

Even though he’s been called dangerous and reckless over the last couple of months by WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart, Rollins is a fantastic worker, and he’s great on the stick as well. So he has everything going for him, and he’d be a great long-term fit as WWE’s top man.

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