Katt Williams Is Gay According To Faizon Love

Faizon Love has the perfect explanation for Katt Williams recent erratic behavior. Love says the reason his fellow comedian has been having issues with the law and with women is simple; Katt Williams is gay. Faizon goes on to explain during an interview with Tom Joyner that Williams is “not living his truth,” and that is the reason he keeps making headlines in some of the worst ways.

The Real Husbands of Hollywood star sat down to speak with Tom Joyner on his popular radio show recently. It was during that interview that Faizon Love declared that Katt Williams is gay, and that is why he has been acting so irrationally lately. Check out what Love had to say in this clip.

“I actually feel sorry for him sometimes,”Love said. “Like I said before, he’s not living his true destiny. He’s living this fake gangster [life]. He got this whole persona from a friend of mine named Mac Minister. He’s a real pimp who tried to do comedy.”

Faizon believes that Katt’s behavior is a cry for attention. He said that Williams is acting out because he is trying to pretend to be something that he’s not.

“I think these burst outs come from when a gay man doesn’t want to just be gay,” Faizon continued. “He’s beating these women up. He knows his boundaries… In Hollywood, you can play those games.”

Tom Joyner can’t seem to believe what he hears during the interview and asks for Faizon Love to confirm that he really is saying that Katt Williams is gay. It seems that Joyner can’t believe what he’s hearing from the comedian during the interview, but Faizon did confirm that he meant what he said.

Faizon Love and Katt Williams have an unsavory history together. The two comedians have been feuding for years with accusations flying back and forth, so the new Katt is gay rumors are just the cherry on top of a longtime hatred of each other.

Katt and Faizon began their feud back in 2012, according to TMZ. That was back when Faizon Love claimed Katt Williams pulled a gun on him, and the much larger comedian said that he was in fear for his life. Katt clapped back, calling Faizon a snitch, but he never denied pulling a gun on his fellow funnyman.

The feud continued when Katt reignited their dislike for each other again a couple years later. It seems that Katt Williams didn’t want to drop the beef. In turn, Faizon Love started talking about how he believes Katt Williams is gay around the beginning of 2015.

It seems that Faizon’s opinion of Katt hasn’t changed. Now that Williams has been having so many legal problems, with arrests stemming from several physical altercations in the past year, Faizon Love is back to his old theory that Katt William is gay and trying to pretend that he’s not. Faizon believes that Katt’s behavior is his way of acting “gangster” and trying to cover up his true self. That is why the fellow comedian believes that Katt treats women the way that he does. This claim during the Tom Joyner interview came right on the heels of news that Katt is being sued for $1 million for allegedly assaulting his former assistant.

Faizon Love also accused Katt Williams of being gay during an interview on The Wanda Smith Show, according to Rolling Out earlier in August. The comedian said, “He came to Atlanta for a reason. Just come out and say it, it’s all good.”

So far, Katt Williams hasn’t responded to Faizon Love’s claims that he is gay. Given their history, though, it wouldn’t be surprising if Katt did speak up sooner rather than later.

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