‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Sonny Connects With Paul, Deimos Defends Victor, And Eduardo Has News To Share

Days of Our Lives spoilers detail that there is a juicy week of episodes on the way, and things kick into gear during Monday’s show. Tate has been reunited with Brady and Theresa, but Victor is facing accusations that he engineered the abduction. Deimos is saying that he wants to help his brother, but could he be involved in the initial plot? The August 29 show includes action with Paul and Sonny as well as the Hernandez family, and everybody will see a bit of Joey, Kayla, and Steve as well.

Sonny is back in town, and Days of Our Lives spoilers have indicated that he has a secret he is keeping from everybody. Viewers don’t know yet what that is, but it sounds as if he will be sticking around for a bit, and things could get juicy.

SheKnows Soaps indicates that Sonny will be spending some time with Paul during the next show, and they will talk about how much he has changed since Will’s death. While the two men will seemingly have a great lunch together, Soap Central notes that Sonny will apparently make it fairly clear that he is not ready for romance again quite yet.

Viewers will also soon be seeing Sonny spending time with Gabi, and Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that they will head to Will’s gravesite together. As the week plays out, he will be adamant that Victor is being framed for Tate’s kidnapping, and it sounds as if he gets quite passionate about the situation. He will end up concocting a plan of some sort to try to pin down the actual kidnapper, and teasers detail that big revelations are on the way on this front soon.

Monday’s episode also brings some time with Eduardo and the rest of the Hernandez family. Days of Our Lives spoilers note that he will call everyone together to share some news, as it seems that he will tell them that he has decided to leave Salem. Is he really going to end up leaving? There are teasers that hint at more action ahead for Eduardo yet, and it certainly seems that there is more storyline to play out for this character.

Kayla and Joey will be having a mother-and-son chat about all that they have been through of late, and Days of Our Lives spoilers share that she will talk about how important it is that the whole family get some therapy. It sounds as if Joey may be a bit reluctant to accept that he needs some help, but Kayla is said to tell him that both she and Steve are getting therapy as well.

In addition, Joey will track down Jade, and Days of Our Lives spoilers share that their talk will be an emotional one. He will be apologizing to her and telling her that he wants to continue to spend time with her. While it would appear that things are settling down for the Johnsons at the moment, teasers detail that there is drama on the way for the family as they face new obstacles.

Victor has been blamed for Tate’s kidnapping, but he has maintained his innocence. Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that Deimos will be telling Nicole that he is determined to help his brother no matter what it takes.

Deimos has been facing some accusations regarding the kidnapping as well, but many fans have a hunch that someone else entirely engineered this situation. It appears that some answers will be revealed during the episode airing on Thursday, September 8, and this should be a juicy one.

As the week of August 29 continues, Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Kate will send shockwaves through Salem as she buys the bed and breakfast from Doug and Julie and boots everybody out. Nicole and Deimos will be questioning the truth about Chloe’s baby’s paternity, and Deimos tries to extend an olive branch to Justin, who turns it down. In addition, teasers reveal that Laura will be showing up to talk to Jennifer and share some information about Abigail.

Jennifer, Chad, JJ, and Abigail’s other loved ones are struggling with the news that she died in a plane crash, but Days of Our Lives spoilers have teased that Abby is still alive and out there somewhere. Kate Mansi has left the role, but newcomer Marci Miller will start appearing as Abigail at the end of the year. Andre seems to be involved in her disappearance, and everybody will be curious to see what Laura has to share with her daughter regarding the matter.

Fall Days of Our Lives spoilers have revealed that Brady and Theresa will soon prepare to walk down the aisle, but three Salem villains will show up and wreak havoc as the big event draws near. Some of that will begin to come together this week, it seems, as Clyde, Xander, and Orpheus start to make plans together in prison. The three will manage to break out and hit Salem soon, and they all have targets they are anxious to take down.

What is Sonny hiding, and will he start up a romance again with Paul soon? Who is really behind Tate’s kidnapping and why did he or she set up Victor to take the fall? Can Deimos and Nicole forge ahead with a solid romance, or will too many obstacles come their way? What comes next for Steve, Kayla, Joey, and Jade? Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that big moments are on the way and viewers will not want to miss a minute of the action ahead this fall.

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