‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Bill Makes Brooke An Offer, Katie Blasts Her Sister, And Sasha Opens Up About Thomas

What can everybody expect from Monday’s episode of Bold and the Beautiful? Spoilers tease that some big decisions will need to be made, and relationships will shift as this all plays out. People are determined to see Eric and Quinn split, and plans are in the midst of playing out to try to force this to happen. Where are things headed during the August 29 show?

As viewers saw last week, Ridge orchestrated with Brooke to have her cozy up to Bill to try to wrangle his Forrester Creations shares from him so he could engineer a takeover of the company. Katie had already gone after the shares in her divorce settlement, but Bill wasn’t about to hand them over. Brooke may have headed off to get close to Bill with these ulterior motives in mind, but it didn’t take him long to see what she was up to and start focusing on his own motives instead.

According to Soap Central, Bill will be working to convince Brooke that they do truly belong together, and he is already talking about the two of them getting married. He will propose an offer to her, as Bold and Beautiful spoilers detail that he will tell Brooke that if she marries him, he will let go of his shares of Forrester Creations. Everybody will see how she reacts to this, and it sounds as if she might indicate that she is willing to consider the proposal.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers via the previews show Katie sharing some rather intense words, and it looks like she is speaking to Ridge and Brooke. The two sisters had repaired their relationship to a degree after Katie learned of the affair that was going on between her sister and her husband, but now hearing that marriage might be on the table sparks a passionate response.

Katie will tell Brooke not to restrain herself on her sister’s account, and she makes some digs as she says that unlike her sister, she doesn’t need a man to validate her. She adds that she can amuse herself until the right man comes along. Brooke looks somewhat pained, but restrained, as she hears her sister out, and viewers will be interested to see what she decides to do after this talk with Katie.


Monday’s episode also brings more action related to Sasha and Thomas. The two have been spending quite a bit of time together lately, and there are clearly romantic sparks developing. Thomas may be in love with Caroline and anxious to build a life with her and Douglas, but Caroline chose to move to New York for a bit, and Sasha happens to be available.

Previews show Sasha talking to someone about this new relationship, admitting that while she does not know where things are headed between the two of them. However, she details that she thinks that Thomas is a cool guy and wants to take the ride to see where everything goes. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers appear to indicate that this conversation takes place with Nicole, as Nicole asks her sister what is going on with Thomas. Will Nicole be supportive of this newfound romance, since it certainly keeps Sasha distanced from Zende?

As the week continues, Bold and Beautiful spoilers share that Wyatt will go to great lengths to try to repair his marriage to Steffy. He is desperate to keep her and has sworn that he will ensure that his mother stays out of their lives. Steffy moved out and said that their marriage was over unless he dealt with Quinn, and it looks like he will do his best to align with his wife and push Quinn to let go of Eric.


Unfortunately for Wyatt, Quinn isn’t about to let go of the life she’s got now thanks to Eric. Bold and Beautiful spoilers tease that she will be making quite the alliance to ensure that she keeps what she’s acquired. Ivy is back in the mix of things this week, and she will seemingly enter into a deal of some sort with Quinn.

Fans will see Quinn try to distract Liam from pursuing Steffy, surely by using Ivy, and everybody can expect to see more fireworks between Quinn and Wyatt. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers detail that Steffy will have a powerful response when she learns that Ivy is back, and this battle between Liam and his brother will not be ending anytime soon. There is more with Katie on the way as well, as she will be angling to orchestrate a date for Ridge. Teasers suggest that she may hedge on ending her marriage to Bill.

Will Brooke agree to marry Bill in order to get the Forrester Creations shares from him? How far will Quinn go to get what she wants, and will Wyatt find a way to win back Steffy before she reunites with Liam? Just how will Ivy factor into all of this chaos? Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate that things will be intense and dramatic this week, and fans cannot wait to see what comes next.

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