Ryan Reynolds’ Strange And Sexual Social Media Requests, And Who Would Win In A Deadpool Vs. Deadshot Fight?

Ryan Reynolds gets lots of sex requests from his fans, according to Perez Hilton. The 39-year-old Canadian actor has received a great deal of unwanted attention from his fans ever since he joined Twitter.

Hardly anyone can blame Ryan Reynolds’ fans for wanting to have sex with the Deadpool star, especially after that nude scene in the movie, which grossed $782 million worldwide earlier this year.

And the good thing is that Ryan Reynolds has a sense of humor, which means everyone reading his Twitter feed always has a good laugh every time his sex-craved fans sext him or send him naughty tweets.

And some of those sexual requests get weirdly violent sometimes, like one of Ryan Reynolds’ fans asked the Deadpool actor to “kick me in the boobs and drag me across the pavement,” while another male fan even asked the actor to sign his “d*ck.”

Ryan Reynolds responded that he was “lost in prayer” to the former sex-craving tweeter and added “maybe later,” and to the latter, he responded that he was helping his “nana” take her diabetes medication.

While some Ryan Reynolds’ fans crave to have sex with the hot Canadian actor, others want to know details about his marriage with Blake Lively. And now the Gossip Girl actress has opened up about her family life with the Deadpool star, according to Breaking News.

Both Ryan Reynolds and Lively have always been private about their personal life, but now it appears that they’re ready to share some details. In her recent interview with NW magazine, Lively has opened up about what it’s like living with the Deadpool actor.

Lively already shares 18-month-old daughter James with Ryan Reynolds, and their second baby is on the way. The Gossip Girl actress said that her parents pretty much serve as the nannies for their child.

Without her parents, it would be difficult to raise James, as both Lively and Ryan Reynolds are working parents and they have little time to even have a dinner together after a long day of filming.

“They are the best baby nurses you could pray for. They raised five kids, so they know what they’re doing.”

Lively also admitted that while it’s “tough” to be a mother, she feels lucky to have a family with Ryan Reynolds. The Shallows actress admitted that having a baby is wonderful even though you get “pooped on” and “barfed on” from time to time.

“Even when it’s tough and I’m exhausted I think ‘I am so fortunate.'”

Even after seeing Suicide Squad, comic book fans cannot figure out who’s stronger out of Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool or Will Smith’s Deadshot, according to Yahoo. The Suicide Squad comic books describe Deadshot as “the man who cannot miss.”

Both Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool and Smith’s Deadshot sport red-hued costumes, which is why people not really familiar with comic books often confuse them. But there are huge differences between the two characters.

While there is an ongoing discussion on various comic book forums about “who would win” out of Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool or Smith’s Deadshot, some reporters and entertainment sources want to know the opinion of the actors themselves.

Both Smith and Ryan Reynolds are known for standing up for the characters they play, and everyone wants to know the answer: who would win in the Deadpool vs. Deadshot fight?

This is the question Yahoo staff asked Ryan Reynolds before Deadpool’s Comic-Con panel last year, but Ryan Reynolds appeared to be not familiar with Deadshot at the time.

“Who’s Deadshot? I’m really not familiar with that character. Sorry, I just don’t know who that is.”

It didn’t sound as if Ryan Reynolds was mocking his rival and tried to humiliate Will Smith’s Deadshot for being not as popular as Deadpool. The actor sincerely said he was not familiar with Deadshot.

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