‘Civilization VI’ Gets A Collector’s Edition For The 25th Anniversary Of The Series, Spain Civilization Detailed By Developer

Fans looking forward to Sid Meier’s Civilization VI may have another way to get the game, thanks to an announcement by developer 2K Games. As with most games nowadays, Civilization VI is getting the collector’s edition treatment, but with a series as storied as the Civilization franchise, it’s not any ordinary collector’s bundle.

The game is celebrating its 25th anniversary, and Civilization VI will be the vehicle the studio will use to celebrate that milestone. Originally launching in 1991, Civilization has long been a standard of turn-based strategy, spanning multiple platforms and winning multiple awards over its lifetime. The franchise has sold over 34 million copies worldwide, making it one of the best-selling video game franchises of all time.

The contents of the Civilization VI 25th Anniversary edition. [Image via 2K Games]
The Civilization VI 25th Anniversary Edition comes with many goodies for the discerning strategy fan. The contents, according to the official listing on the 2K Store include:

  • Full Civilization VI game with all Bonus Digital Content found in the Digital Deluxe Edition
  • Aztec Civilization Pack Pre-order Bonus
  • Civilization Through The Years 100-Page Hardcover Art Book
  • Exclusive 25th Anniversary Commemorative Coin Set With Display Case

The 25th Anniversary Edition retails for $89.99, and according to a press release from the company, will be limited to only 20,000 copies worldwide. So if you are looking to grab a piece of Civilization history, the bundle may be your best bet, assuming you can grab one in time.

Civilization VI sets itself apart from series predecessors in multiple ways. The new ideas in terms of how cities now physically expand across the map, how research and technology works, as well as culture is set to reinvigorate the series. While Civilization V or Beyond Earth weren’t bad, in fact that were positively incredible entries in the storied franchise, the new additions should shake up the core gameplay to keep the series evolving. Additionally, the way leaders will pursue their own personal agendas actually based on the traits of their real life counterparts should make dealing with the AI plenty interesting.


The Civilization team also unveiled the new leader of the Spain civilization, with Queen Isabella being replaced with King Phillip II. The king was the leader of the Spanish Empire during the height of its glory, and the game seems to encapsulate this. The Spanish civ’s special ability, according to a developer First Look on YouTube is called “treasure fleet.” This gives their trade routes between continents extra yields. They can also combine their ships into powerful fleets before other civilizations.

Additionally, keeping with Phillip II’s real life ambition as defender of the Catholic faith, Spain’s units will get a bonus against players following a different religion that the Spanish civlization. Also, their Inquisitors will be able to cure heresy one more time than other civs. Spain also gets the conquistador special unit, which also gets bonuses if a missionary or inquisitor is nearby. Finally, the Spanish get the “Mission” unique improvement, which provides the civilization with faith. It gets bonus faith if built on a different continent than the Spanish capital, and if built next to a campus improvement, it awards the player with science.

The winner of various E3 awards, including the Best PC Game and Best Strategy Game, Civilization VI will release on PC this coming October 21. The game is being tailored to both veteran and new players alike, giving the depth and strategy series vets expect, with the accessibility and tutorials that new players need. Additionally, Civilization VI is getting an “enhanced” multiplayer, with many modes and situations designed to allow friends to complete them in a single gameplay session.

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[Image via 2K games]

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