Louis Walsh Believes Some One Direction Members Have Changed – ‘ We Create Monsters In The Music Business’

Louis Walsh, despite being known for teasing Simon Cowell on X Factor, admires the music mogul for always knowing which talent will sell. The reality show judge told the Independent that Cowell turned a lot of performers like One Direction into millionaires, but some of them end up being disloyal to him. He claimed that some seem to forget about their roots.

“We create monsters in the music business – they only become famous because they’ve been on the show and we got you those songs. They’re lucky f*****s, but some get a sense of entitlement and believe the hype. Too many artists appear to forget where they came from.”

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When asked if he was indeed referring to the show’s most successful band creation, he agreed and explained that some members appear to have been carried away by their fame.

“Yeah, I would say so. Some of them believed the hype and then everyone around them – publicists, agents, managers – were afraid to tell them because they were making so much money out of them.”

Walsh also believes that One Direction is done for good. Nonetheless, a recent report emerged that Harry Styles seems to be missing his band mates. As per a Capital FM insider, the “Night Changes” singer loves sharing stories about his band mates on the set of his upcoming film Dunkirk.

“Occasionally, people ask him about his singing and every time One Direction was brought up he talked about the guys very fondly. He talks as if they are still a thing.”

As teenage fans continue to yearn for One Direction, will a new band fill the void? Recently, Cowell gave his approval to a new X Factor group, Yes Lad. The band is made up of five boys, aged 16 to 21, from Manchester. They coined the name, as it is reportedly one of the standard greetings in their hometown.

The boys claim that they have been inspired by the One Direction members who have attained unimaginable success despite losing in the contest.

Earlier this year, Cowell admitted to Billboard that he doesn’t know if the 1D members will still unite after their hiatus.

“I don’t know if it’s a hiatus or a breakup, to be honest. In a weird way, I don’t want to know. I don’t think they’ve had enough time to experience what it’s like not being in the group to really answer that.”

He said that when the boys asked for a break, he didn’t argue with them because “they had achieved so much in a short period of time.” The last thing he wants is for the boys to become jaded. Cowell added that it’s up to the members to decide if they’re done with their well-deserved break.

One Direction’s tour ended in October 2015 although they did promotions for their Made in the A.M. album until the end of year. If they stick to their original plan of an 18-month break, they are expected to reunite in the summer of 2017. Some reports claim that there are insiders who believe that the reunion will happen as early as March.

When One Direction announced its plan to go on hiatus, Directioners were left heartbroken, but their support was all-out because they knew that the boys were overworked.

The boys sometimes do up to 20 shows each month on top of the events they have to attend. Last year was also eventful following Zayn Malik’s decision to quit in March because of pressure.

Despite using their break as a time to focus on personal ambitions, the boys have consistently maintained that they’re merely on a break.

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