‘Resident Evil 7’: Voice Actor For Leon Kennedy Talks Cameos Being Scaled Back For New Game

Fans of the Resident Evil series have had their chance to preview what’s in store for Capcom’s upcoming title.

Resident Evil 7, a game that travels back to the roots of horror and survival, was recently announced at E3 back in June. Players have had the chance to get a sneak peek of what to expect. While previous installments have seemingly been more about action than horror, the general feedback is that players want more of the classic feel. Hearing this, Capcom has been delivering the scares and surprises in copious amounts.

There’s plenty of mystery in the demo for Resident Evil 7. While we don’t know much more than bits and pieces of the story and the characters involved, a report by GameSpot suggests that the new game won’t be featuring as many classic cameos.

Matt Mercer, the voice actor for Leon Kennedy, recently made mention that cameos would be scaled back in Resident Evil 7.

“As far as 7 goes, I think they’re scaling back a little bit on throwing in all the classic cameos,” Mercer began. “I can say that I don’t have any involvement in 7 directly.

Resident Evil 7 seems to be taking a bigger approach than many may have anticipated. Leon Kennedy is considered one of the most important and iconic characters to the series. If he won’t be making an appearance, one can only wonder who else will be excluded from direct involvement when fans play through the game.

Mercer continued in his thoughts on Capcom toning the classic cameos down, going as far as to say that he believes that it’s actually a move in the right direction.

“But I think it’s also good of them, especially coming off of Resident Evil 6 and its lukewarm reception, to go ahead and reestablish their roots and maybe start an original story,” he continued. “And if they decide that that does well, maybe they can then marry it in with the previous stories.”

It’s no secret that Resident Evil 6 didn’t perform as well as other titles. Some considered it clunky, and others felt that there was far too much going on in the game for it to feel like a true Resident Evil title. It makes sense that Capcom would want to stay away from such execution again, lending reason to how they plan to make the next installment better.

This isn’t to say that Matt Mercer has no chance to be seen. While Capcom won’t be making as many cameos happen, Mercer expresses his interest in helping with the project.

“Leon is a character I have a strong appreciation for,” Matt admitted. “I loved him when I played the series and being able to step into those shoes has been a huge honor. So any chance to jump into his shoes again, I would definitely leap at.”

Perhaps Capcom isn’t showing us all that there is to offer, as a report by Push Square suggests that there will be more action than developers originally let on.

“From a first-person perspective, players explore the environment and use pistols, shotguns, flamethrowers, explosives, and chainsaws to kill mutant creatures. Combat is accompanied by realistic gunfire, screams of pain, and exaggerated blood-splatter effects.”

According to the description, the demo is certainly lacking much of what’s been detailed. Fans have been assured that Capcom would be returning to their roots; could we see a healthy balance of action and horror? One can only hope so. Perhaps we’ll see more before Resident Evil 7 releases on January 24 of next year.

How do you feel about Resident Evil 7 so far? Did you enjoy the demo? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

[Image Via Capcom]

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