Olivia Munn To Play Jake Johnson’s Love Interest On ‘The New Girl’

Olivia Munn will be the new The New Girl.

The Project Runway judge and The Daily Show correspondent has signed up to play the love interest of Jake Johnson’s character, Nick, on The New Girl, .

Olivia Munn will be throwing a wrench in the plans of fans who want to see Nick end up with Jess, the title character played by Zooey Deschanel. Her entry means it will be at least a little bit longer until the characters can find their way to each other — if they ever will.

As Reality TV Magazine noted, the producers of The New Girl seem to have a thing for models:

It’s not enough that main character Jess has a model for a best friend — or that the actress who plays that best friend (Hannah Simone) used to be a model. Nope, New Girl, needed a new crop of actresses-turned-models, which is why America’s Next Top Model’s Keenyah Hill and Project Runway’s Olivia Munn were recruited to be love interests for Nick and Schmidt. Keenyah’s role was ultimately recast, with Carla Gugino ultimately attracting Schmidt’s attention, but it appears that once Olivia Munn joins New Girl, she’ll stick around. The actress is set to start filming in the near future.

Olivia Munn’s character is being described as “sexy, earthy, charming,” and as Nick’s new girlfriend is able to “hold her own with the group.” That also steals some of the thunder from Jess, whose advantage with Nick was her ability to mesh well with him and the rest of the guys.

Olivia Munn has signed on for a multi-episode arc, so even if Nick and Jess get together it won’t be at least a little further into the season, Access Hollywood reported. And a representative from Fox told Access Hollywood that her Munn’s first episodes on The New Girl will likely air in November, so it’s sure to be near the second half of the year before Nick is even single again.

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