Avicii Retires: See Footage Of Ibiza Show, Fan Climbing Tower

Avicii is letting down a lot of EDM fans around the world by choosing his retirement date from touring at age 26. Although Avicii let his fans know months in advance that his last concert would be in Ibiza, Spain, on Sunday, August 28, they are taking the news somewhat badly.

Regardless, Billboard says that Avicii is not going to retire from electronic dance music, but will be taking a permanent break from touring techno clubs. Like musicians such as Zayn Malik, Avicii said that touring was too hard on his health, and he did not want to continue for that reason.

One of the reasons fans will miss Avicii’s live performances is due to the energy he brings when he is mixing. (Photo by Barry Brecheisen/Invision for Park City Live/AP Images)

MixMag adds to this idea that Avicii was exhausted from being overworked. They go on to give a shocking estimate of Avicii’s workload and stated that Avicii “played approximately 220 DJ sets in 261 weeks” between January 1, 2011, and January 1, 2016.

However, during the weekend of his final shows, Telegraph reports that Avicii fans went over the top. Along with the expected reaction of crying or screaming Avicii’s name, one fan climbed a 100-foot pole next to a set of speakers to dance at Tennents Vital in Belfast, Ireland.

Despite this reaction in Belfast, Avicii’s farewell from fans started a while back. This is especially true because “Avicii is for Sweden what Beyonce is for America,” according The Local.

In fact, Avicii is so hot in Sweden that he performed at the Swedish royal wedding of Prince Carl Philip and Sofia Hellqvist.

Leading up to his retirement, Avicii’s fans only grew more restless, and Belfast, Ireland, was prepared in advance to give him a send-off to remember.

Belfast Telegraph wrote on August 27 that Avicii fans in North Ireland were also partying with people from around the world.

The next news about Avicii might be related to winning another award. (Photo by John Shearer/Invision/AP)

They quoted event organizer Brian Spollen, stating that Avicii fans came from South America, nearby Europe, and the Persian Gulf to see his second-to-last live performance.

On Twitter, Avicii fans are mourning the loss of their favorite DJ, and tweeting their devotion. For example, one fan tweeted to Avicii with “Thanks for everything! You changed the whole scene! Don’t forget that.”

As for confusion over his retirement choice, one fan on Twitter explained Avicii might be retiring because he had two major surgeries. In fact, Billboard clarifies Avicii’s health history with their report in April that stated the following.

“Avicii had suffered from very public health problems for the past few years, including acute pancreatitis, in part due to excessive drinking. After having his gallbladder and appendix removed in 2014, he canceled a series of shows in attempt to recover.”

Naturally, fans will miss Avicii not only because he is a good musician, but he is also an interesting guy. Key 103 writes that his mother is a famous actress named Anki Lidén, and that Avicii started mixing music in his bedroom at age 8.

Other interesting trivia includes the reason Tim Bergling chose to go by the name “Avicii.” Although he chose the name because it was the lowest level of Buddhist hell, the reason his name had two I’s was due to the fact that on Myspace, someone else already had the name “Avici.”

However, as for the future of Avicii, there is a chance that he will retire from the DJ performance circuit, but his talent might end up being seen behind-the-scenes. For example, Bustle recently highlighted that Avicii was one of the first to hear Mike Posner’s hit single “I Took a Pill in Ibiza.”

In other words, Avicii will likely produce more albums, win more awards, and get Grammy nominations, but he might also be seen in other musician’s music credits in the future.

Currently, on August 28, there are many links posted online for videos of the live stream of Avicii’s last concert in Ibiza. Unfortunately, many of these YouTube posts are directing viewers to the live Avicii streaming websites and are not archived videos that will show footage from the show in Ibiza.

This means that some fans might have to wait to see the full Avicii retirement concert when it is uploaded on a platform that can be accessed internationally.

In the meantime, anyone that missed Avicii’s concert can check out fan videos posted on Twitter to catch a glimpse of the action.

[Photo by Amy Sussman/Invision/AP]

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