John Mayer Offers Donald Trump Impression, Skin Care Tips Online

John Mayer’s hilarious Donald Trump impression made waves online last week as the “Your Body Is a Wonderland” singer broadcast his funny political caricature on image messaging application Snapchat. Mayer’s impersonation of Trump is the latest social media amusement from the famous singer, who offers a variety of humorous anecdotes, live music clips, and faux celebrity interview via the Snapchat mobile app.

In a new report from Vanity Fair, the publication highlighted the John Mayer Donald Trump Snapchat parody of the revered guitarist lampooning 2016’s Republican Party nominee for President of the United States. As detailed by the fashion and lifestyle magazine, John posted the hysterical masquerade in four parts on Thursday evening, superimposing Trump’s face over his own beloved visage with the use of a filter.

As made clear by Vanity Fair, the comedic impact of John Mayer’s impression comes not from the overlaid image of Trump’s face, but by way of John’s pointed hand gestures when mimicking the 70-year-old businessman. Dubbing the silly Snapchat takeoff as “Trump Hand Impression Practice Day 22,” Mayer ribbed on Donald’s frequently-satirized hand motions that John termed the “buh-lieve me” and the “mini brick stack.”

The Inquisitr previously reported on John Mayer’s Snapchat antics. Mayer took to Snapchat earlier this month to offer some seemingly earnest skin care tips. Making use of many high-end beauty products, John explained his beauty regimen in a delivery that may remind some of Christian Bale’s American Psycho scene detailing the character Patrick Bateman’s “morning routine” of top dollar grooming creams and face masks.

All jokes aside, John appears to be serious about his skin care. In a further news piece from Vanity Fair, the mag quotes Mayer as proclaiming his love for Natura Bisse moisturizers, the singer saying, “I have a feeling this is used mainly by people in their 60s and 70s, but I love it!” Reportedly, the Natura Bisse brand sent out a press release following John’s Snapchat endorsement saluting Mayer’s use of their beauty products.

John’s facial care tips, or “skin hacks,” as he calls them, aren’t the only lifestyle recommendations coming from Mayer on his Snapchat. The “Waiting on the World to Change” balladeer also proposed some pedantic laundry tips earlier this summer. In that Snapchat series, Mayer recounted the painstakingly detailed process he undergoes every time he washes a load of white T-shirts.

As diehard John Mayer fans are well aware, the singer and former Katy Perry beau recently took time away from his solo career to hook up with former Grateful Dead musicians as Dead & Company. Featuring Mayer on guitar, the band includes ex-Dead members Bob Weir, Mickey Hart, and Bill Kreutzmann. Dead & Company also incorporates pianist Jeff Chimenti and drummer Oteil Burbridge.

In an interview with Billboard from last year, John recalled the first time he played with the acclaimed Grateful Dead members. Speaking to journalist Shirley Halperin about Dead & Company’s first-ever jam sessions, John Mayer said that there was a musical liveliness to the proceedings that spurred the band on in their continual touring. Dead & Company played 22 concerts in late 2015 and continued with a summer tour this year.

“We all knew when we got in a room and started playing, there was a vitality to it. I learned five or six songs just to have enough under my hands, and even with me sort of bumping into walls musically, there was meaning to it. Something about it was valuable.”

Do you follow the John Mayer’s stories on Snapchat? What do you think of the singer’s Donald Trump impression or his skin care procedures? Have you seen Dead & Company in concert? Let us know thoughts on John Mayer in the comments section below.

[Photo by Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for D’USSE]

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