Adele ‘Lying About Diet’: Eating Junk Food After Telling Fans About Healthy Lifestyle

Adele has lied to her fans about her healthy diet, it has been claimed.

The singer, who has been touring the world in support of her album, 25, has left people outraged after she was seen making several stops at a nearby McDonald’s restaurant, Radar Online has revealed.

The celebrity gossip site alleges that Adele has been talking about her healthy lifestyle during every one of her sold-out shows, labeling the British singer as a “hypocrite” for lying to her fans that she’s solely eating healthy foods to stay fit and healthy.

“Adele was spotted grabbing healthy produce in a grocery store this week, just days after Radar caught her in a big fast food lie,” Gossip Cop quotes the site saying. “Adele had been telling fans all about her new workout and weight-loss regimen, but behind the scenes she’s busy gorging on unhealthy fast food!”

Radar Online goes on to claim that Adele showed up to McDonald’s with her entourage, clearly not bothered with the thought of her fans seeing her enjoy a meal at the fast-food restaurant. But instead of approaching the staff herself, the “Hello” singer had her husband step out of the vehicle and make quite the large order on his wife’s behalf.

“Adele was photographed trying to hide her dirty little secret after loading up on fast food at McDonald’s after her concert in L.A. on Aug. 13.” The outlet then goes on to quote OK! Magazine saying, “She arrived in a cavalcade of SUVs. It wasn’t exactly subtle. But she wouldn’t get out of her car and had her husband run in to get her food.”

All of this has made Radar Online speculate whether the whole eating healthy talk that Adele has been sharing has all been an act. While the singer has certainly lost a great amount of weight in the past couple of years, could she be exaggerating with the extensive dieting plan she claims to be putting herself through?

It was even more insulting when the mother of one was stressing how important it is to stay healthy during a show in Los Angeles earlier this month, only to then head backstage after the concert and indulge in many sweets.

“Just before she was caught with her fingers in the proverbial cookie jar, the 28-year-old singer was boasting to fans at her concert about going from never exercising to ‘trying to work out every day’ in a quest to kick-start a healthier lifestyle.”

Back in December, Adele was very vocal when stressing how important it was for her to change her diet, which eventually also saw her stop smoking completely. The “Send My Love (To Your New Lover)” singer states that the cigarettes were evidently beginning to affect her singing abilities, and as soon as she cut out the excessive junk food and smoking altogether, her life became that much more enjoyable.

The sudden change in quitting smoking and finding herself a healthy dieting plan came after Adele welcomed her son Angelo into the world.

All in all, what do you make of Adele being caught eating junk food when she’s said to have been doing all this healthy talk with her fans about abstaining from eating meals that are not good for you? Is she really being a hypocrite or was she just ultimately enjoying a cheat day?

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