Rob Kardashian Weight Gain Struggle: Life Crisis As ‘KUWTK’ Star Prepares For Blac Chyna Baby Birth

Rob Kardashian is beginning to pack on the pounds again, which has left his family members fearing for yet another meltdown, just weeks before the star is expected to welcome his firstborn.

According to Radar Online, Rob gave it his best to lose the excess amount of weight he had gained over the course of three years. Following his breakup with Rita Ora in 2012, the reality star faced a devastating downfall — one that would see him seclude himself from friends and family for years.

All of that changed when Rob fell in love with Blac Chyna back in January. The two were quick to announce their engagement before confirming that the former stripper was expecting a baby with the sock designer.

And while Chyna had managed to get Kardashian to follow a healthier lifestyle by eating clean and working out regularly, Mirror reveals, following the news that Blac was pregnant, the 29-year-old fell off his routine and began his binge eating again. One source even stressed that Rob has been eating everything his fiance eats, forgetting that Chyna is pregnant and will experience huge cravings.

“Rob is having an extremely tough time losing weight and he has gained back almost all of the weight that he had lost!” Radar Online confirms. It’s absolutely devastating for the family to hear, knowing how well Rob was doing at the beginning of the year. He really gave them the impression that he was ready to get his life together.

“Rob is treating his diabetes with insulin and he is following the doctor’s orders as far as treatment goes. But he is not working out regularly anymore and he has turned to unhealthy eating again!”

Rob Kardashian has neglected his responsibilities to reduce his weight, as ordered by doctors, which has already questioned fans of how the TV star will be able to raise a baby when he cannot take care of himself without the help of his mother and sisters.

It was just days ago when it was revealed how Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian were sick and tired of having to see their mother, Kris, use her money to financially support her son. From the $2.4 million house, to weekly allowances, the KUWTK sisters feel as if Rob is taking advantage and should make his own money without having to depend on his family all the time.

After all, with media outlets confirming that Blac is just weeks away from giving birth, Rob Kardashian cannot expect his family members to lend him money to take care of Blac and his forthcoming child. He hasn’t worked in years, having lived off the money that his mother has given him, adding that if the troubled reality star can’t save himself now, he never will.

Regarding his weight gain, however, Radar Online continues by saying that, “Rob’s health is suffering right now and he just wants out for a minute. He is having a meltdown and he says that he cannot even think straight!”

Sources had already stated that Kardashian was unsure about kicking off his own reality show with Blac Chyna in fear that it could backfire on their relationship and send him into an even deeper meltdown.

He’s still coping for now, but as the insider has already revealed, the soon-to-be father of one is battling health problems again now that the weight he had lost is slowly but surely coming back.

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