‘Cake By The Ocean’ DNCE Writer Joe Jonas Parties Like It’s DNCE Cake Time At The VMAs, Celebrates DNCE Anniversary

Joe Jonas is going to win the 2016 MTV VMA Best New Artist award, if his party time antics are anything to go by. Is the former Jonas Brothers singer and DNCE star overconfident, or is he just so happy that he’s got to party anyway?

TMZ was there to take pics when Joe and his band “partied like” they’d already won the VMA award last night, when Jonas, JinJoo Lee, and Cole Whittle put on a fab show at Up & Down. DNCE are a huge favorite with fans for the win, and Twitter is burning up with support for the band. One tweeter got religious about it and said “God Bless you” to Joe and company, hashtagging the message with #ImWithYou.

Twitter user Danielle Miranda tweeted a pic of the vote screen to remind followers to vote for DNCE.

Another Twitter user was too carried away to form actual words except for “OMG I love them.”

They’ve got other music celebs on their side too. Ciara tweeted her congrats to her boy to her seven million followers, and reminded everyone to vote.

The Up & Down nightclub itself is a big fan of DNCE and said that they make work enjoyable. That’s a big vote of confidence right there that will probably translate into even more VMA votes for Jonas and the DNCE members.

The DNCE members had a reason to be happy, outside of the upcoming VMAs. It’s the first anniversary of DNCE, and the members are rocking it. Joe and his buds are over the moon about a possible VMA Moon Man, and ready to celebrate what they’ve achieved in the past great year. Jonas recently told Entertainment Weekly that they set out to have fun with their songwriting and playing, and instead of sticking to the tried and true, they were ” just creating stuff to create.” Looks like DNCE is still in it for the enjoyment, whether or not they win.

DNCE loves playing “Cake By the Ocean” live, mostly because he expected the mega-hit song to be “little bit too left” for the audience, and it turns out they love the “quirky lyrics.” “Cake By the Ocean” and “Toothbrush” get a great reaction every time, and when they start those hit tunes, “everyone goes insane.”

Some DNCE fans even thought they’d try out actual cake by the ocean to see what the hype was all about.

Someone had to ask the question though, whether ice cream is better than cake, and if eating ice cream by the river will do on a hot day instead of cake by the ocean.

One tweeter didn’t get the joke and thought he had to clear up that the “Cake By the Ocean” lyrics aren’t actually about cake.

There’s definitely something about DNCE’s new songs that reach right through the barriers to grab the audience, even when it’s somewhere that most people don’t speak English. Jonas said that the rules of writing aren’t where DNCE are at. They’ve got other ideas, and their system of changing it up is going over so well they have no regrets. Getting nominated for a VMA proves DNCE is right.

“But we kind of [threw] that out the window, and we’re glad we did.”

During the DNCE pre-VMA celebration night, a bunch of other stars “stopped by to show” support for the fun-loving band, including Big Sean.

DNCE’s debut album, that includes the mega hit single “Cake By the Ocean,” and “Toothbrush” was set for release this summer, but Jonas and the others decided to push back the release for a couple of months. That’s a disappointment to their fans, but Jonas said they needed more time to figure out which other songs are doing well on tour, and to focus on promoting the big hits. In the meantime, the VMAs are exciting enough without the album release right away.

What do you think? Does the DNCE style deserve to win the VMAs, or is it just too weird?

[Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images for DNCE]

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